WoT: May 2013 Report


Someone once said something about the best laid plans … – while I achieved some of my aims for April in the main the month has been dominated by a very long dispiriting streak of gameplay. I suppose it is not technically true to call it a losing streak – overall I have a 50.7% winrate for May – but when I have been spoiled the last few months with winrates a bit higher than that it feels like a losing streak. Another data point in how perception warps reality. That said, when I calculated some of the underlying statistics for this last month I am not as unhappy.

The ST-1 is unlocked, but not the Panther or the IS. They are my primary targets for May. The Tank of the Month is shared between the T-34 and T-34-85, so I am going to get some games in on the T-34, and at least purchase the T-34-85 at the discounted price. Otherwise I want to continue working through some low tier tanks. I managed 2 in April, though I have so far only written up the Panzer I.

Overall I would expect to get a similar number of games played in May as I have in April – if my luck changes perhaps even a few more. For that to happen I probably just need to relax a little about the game and start enjoying it more. Along the way this last month I have had some great games, including one that has confirmed I will be retaining the VK3001H, at least for the time being.

I am revising (again) how I play my tanks. My new method is considerably more slapdash – I still have the four tanks I am currently concentrating on – the Marder II, Jagdpanther, KV-4, and KV-5 (though the last two only get a maximum of two games between them per day). If I have a tank that will benefit from the special I try to play them as well – silly not too – and my priorities in research. I also try to select on crew to train – currently that would be the M4 Sherman. Finally at some point in the next few weeks I will fight my five thousand battle.

Garage Trip

Renault NC-31 (Tier I Light Chinese) – elited. Still waiting to get around to moving onto the Chinese Tier II.

AMX 38 (Tier III Light French) – fully upgraded. Not played in April.

S-35 CA (Tier V TD French) – elited. Will be shortly moving onto the next tank after I have done the write-up. If I had more time (and garage slots, but time is the limiting factor) I would be tempted to retain it.

ARL V39 (Tier VI TD French) – unplayed. Just acquired at a discount.

Leichttracktor (Tier I Light German) elited. Not played since March last year, but looking to set aside some time soon to get back into permanent Tier I action.

Pz38H735f (Tier II Light German) – premium. Using this to slowly train the crew I am using in the Leichttraktor.

Panzer II Ausf. G (Tier II Light German) – fully upgraded. My record in this tank is appalling (2-7-1). I am very much struggling with it. My only description of at the moment is that it is like the A-20 without the upside.

VK1602 Leopard (Tier V Light German) – elited. Unplayed in April.

Panzer III (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. I would love to have more time to play this tank.

T-25 (Tier V Medium German) – premium. Not played in April, but at some point soon will be using it to assist in training another German medium crew.

VK3001H (Tier VI Medium German) – fully upgraded. Going to be retaining this one, for the time being at least.

VK3601H (Tier VI Medium German) – elited. Good all-around tank, and I can see why it is popular. It is probably a bit easier to play than some other Tier VI tanks, but I think other Tier VI tanks are better if played to their strengths.

Pz B2 740f (Tier IV Heavy German) – premium. Unplayed in April.

Panzer VI Tiger (Tier VII Heavy German) – unplayed. Probably once I have elited the Jagdpanther I will start playing both Tigers.

Tiger P (Tier VII Heavy German) – unplayed. See above.

Marder II (Tier III TD German) – elited. Third crew skill is now almost at 90% – about one good victory away. About 315k to completing the third skill. Not expecting to get that done until August at the earliest.

Hetzer (Tier IV TD German) – elited. Another tank in the “I wish I had more time” category.

Jagdpanther (Tier VII TD German) – fully researched. Took advantage of the earning bonus in April, made a lot of credits with it. Unfortunately also had some truly rotten luck. Nevertheless I do actually quite like it. Fifty thousand experience to go to elite it, which is possible in May, but might occur in June.

Ferdinand (Tier VIII TD German) – unplayed. Acquired on special offer, waiting for the crew from the Jagdpanther.

Hummel (Tier V SPG German) – elited. Putting off getting Tier VI artillery until the arty revamp that is going to occur in 8.6.

Cruiser Mk III (Tier II Light UK) – elited. A great low-tier tank. It’s one weakness is lack of sniping ability, but then there are usually too many snipers on most maps anyway.

Cruiser Mk II (Tier III Light UK) – elited. Not played in April, waiting to move onto the Valentine.

Medium Mk III (Tier III Medium UK) – researching. Not played in April.

Universal Carrier 2-pdr (Tier II TD UK) – elited. Had some good, some bad experiences with this tank. Hopefully will get around to writing up about it later this week.

T1E6 (Tier II Light USA) – premium. The Holiday gift, not yet played. Really should get around to doing that.

M5 Stuart (Tier IV Light USA) – fully upgraded. Only played one game.

M4 Sherman (Tier V Medium USA) – elited. Finding some success with the derp in this – but not generally by using HEAT ammo.

M6 (Tier VI Heavy USA) – unplayed. Recently acquired at a discount, and using my crew from the T1 HT. Since I had played quite a few extra games and amassed some extra experience at 100% experience – and had not selected my first crew skill – when I retrained the crew into the M6 they are starting at 98%. Not bad.

T40 (Tier IV TD USA) – unplayed. Not yet played.

M8A1 (Tier IV TD USA) – researching. Not played in April.

A-20 (Tier IV Light USSR) – elited. Not playing. Will sell to make room for the new line of Soviet lights at some point.

Valentine II (Tier IV Light USSR) – premium. Not played this last month

T-34 (Tier V Medium USSR) – fully upgraded. Will play it more often in this coming month to take advantage of the Tank of the Month.

Matilda IV (Tier V Medium USSR) – premium. Not played in April.

Churchill III (Tier V Heavy USSR) – premium. The front armour is good – but not as good as you think it is.

KV-1 (Tier V Heavy USSR) – elited. Not played in April, but when I do get around to playing it again I think I might give up on the derp for this one.

KV-1S (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – fully upgraded. About 23k experience to go to elite.

KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – elited. Nothing compares to this derp.

KV-4 (Tier VIII Heavy USSR) – elited. Now I am saving up for the ST-I – that will happen when it happens. Meanwhile still playing as I need the higher-tier experience.

KV-5 (Tier VIII Heavy USRR) – premium. Splitting time with the KV-4, but now giving this one a slight edge in priority to help earn credits.

SU-85B (Tier IV TD USSR) – elited. Retaining, more to help train the crew a bit than to keep this tank long-term. The crew on it will eventually be used after the Soviet TD line splits.

SU-85 (Tier V TD USSR) – researching. Only played a handful of games.

SU-26 (Tier III SPG USSR) – researching. Not played in April.

Bought this month: Panzer VI Tiger, SU-85, M6, Universal Gun Carrier 2-pdr, Panzer II Ausf. G, ARL V39

Sold this month: Panzer I, T1 HT

Facts and Figures

Overall figures:

Battles Participated – 4832 (+280)
Victories – 2680 55.46% (+142 -0.3%)
Defeats – 2098 43.42% (+137 +0.34%)
Draws – 54 1.12% (+1 -0.04%)
Survived – 1443 29.86% (+78 -0.13%)

Destroyed – 5795 (+398)
Hit Ratio – 67% (unchanged)
Damage – 2,773,377 (+230,545)
Total Experience – 2,453,271 (+260,971)

Old Efficiency – 1237 (+6)
New Efficiency – 1168 (+7)
WN6 Rating – 1254 (+17)
WN7 Rating – 1281 (new)
Average Tier – 4.49 (+0.04)
Average Kills/Battle – 1.2 (+0.01)
Average Damage/Battle – 574 (+15)
Average Kills/Death – 1.71 (+0.02)


Halonen’s Medal – 5
Bilotte’s Medal – 1
Kolobanov’s Medal – 2
Radley-Walter’s Medal – 2
De Langlade’s Medal – 1
Pascucci’s Medal – 3 (+1)

Brothers in Arms – 1
Defender – 14
Patrol Duty – 7
Invader – 1
Scout – 10
Sniper – 188 (+21)
Steel Wall – 72 (+2)
Confederate – 21 (+2)
Top Gun – 86 (+5)

Master Gunner – 27 (+3)
Hunter – 1
Reaper – 6
Cool-Headed – 6 (+5)
Kamikaze – 6 (+1)
Lucky – 2
Spartan – 4
Sharpshooter – 39 (+1)

Abram’s II Class 3670 to go (-70)
Carius’ II Class 4205 to go (-398)
Ekins III Class 7 to go (-30)
Kay’s II Class 601 to go (-30)
Knispel’s II Class 5,106,845 to go (-385,444)
Lavrinenko’s II Class 24,750 to go (-320)
Leclerc’s II Class 22,556 to go (-202)
Popel’s II Class 14,589 to go (-383)

Top 10 tanks overall:
Marder II – 1065 (645-413)
KV-1 – 357 (190-162)
KV-5 – 271 (154-113)
KV-4 – 198 (102-92)
Panzer IV – 160 (104-56)
Hetzer – 159 (85-74)
KV-3 – 151 (85-63)
Jagdpanther – 130 (69-60)
Hummel – 120 (61-57)
KV-2 – 119 (66-52)

Top 5 tanks in April:
Marder II – 45
Jagdpanther – 42
KV-4 – 31
S-35 CA – 23
KV-1S – 18


I said at the top of this post I was not quite as unhappy as I had been with my run of poor play this month once I calculated the stats above. The reason for this is simple – on all the metrics that I consider important I am still improving, despite the loss in win rate. In other words these figures help persuade me the win rate change is natural variation (if extremely annoying) but in other measures I am still slowly but surely improving. That said, there is nothing particular to shout over-loud about – what I can see are small incremental improvements.

As for the efficiency ratings, I would put the difference in the increase between WN6 and old/new efficiency as a side-effect of the increase in my average tier meaning a slowly reducing penalty. There is now yet another rating, WN7, that is almost identical to WN6; but my understanding is that the penalty for a low average tier is calculated from an average tier of 5, as opposed to an average tier of 6. In other words I should see a higher WN7 rating than WN6, and that is exactly what I do see. Overall though in the ratings I see the same small incremental increases that the other stats suggest. All in all I hope this means if I persevere the win rate will sort itself out.

In the coming month I should get Kay’s Medal II Class, and that will be the last career upgrade I get for a considerable period of time. At current rates still 10-11 months away from getting Carius’ Medal I Class – in other words from here on these medals are for the long haul. I am hopefully I might acquire my first Lion of Sinai medal this month though for killing 100 IS-type tanks, and my second Hunter for killing various German tanks named after animals and their variants.



  1. Shun_Tzu said:

    Hi there,

    Just my two cents:

    I tried also that gun but is very inaccurate 0.41, second shot always miss if you are not very close to the target and the reload time will make you hopeless. The armor is paper thin so brawler is not an opportunity for this tank. For me is working better with tier III gun, slightly better penetration 64 mm (63 the tier IV gun), better accuracy 0.36 and fast reload 2.20 s, sniping is fun with it. 45 HP damage vs 50 HP damage is a good trade off, taking in consideration that second shot always miss. So with tier IV gun you will make 100 HP dmg with two shoots if you hit the target (remember 0.41 accuracy) and a long reload after. With tier III gun you consistently put 45 HP dmg each 2.2 sec.

    Have fun,


    • I presume you are talking about the Cruiser Mk IV? In which I think I basically agree with the above.

      • Yes, I was talking about Cruiser MkIV. Sry due to WordPress I make the post elsewhere.

      • Np :=)

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