WoT (EU): Sweet Dreams are made of Steel Special

I must admit to rather liking the title of this weekend’s special, which runs the standard Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Mostly this offer is about Tier VI tanks. The one fly in the ointment there is not really all that much to appeal to newer players this week, as even the non-tank related portion of the offer is something more experienced players will care more about. All tanks involved in this offer are available for a  50% discount and have a 40% earnings bonus.

To begin with there are three Tier VI heavies involved – the T-150, M6, and ARL 44. I have not yet played any of these tanks – I missed out on the T-150 as I already had the KV-3 researched when the T-150 was added due to the re-organisation of the Soviet heavy tank lines in 7.5. As luck would have it I bought the M6 during the 2nd Anniversary special – but I think I am still ahead as my savings from the equipment sale are more than my savings from the tank being on sale this weekend. I might well take advantage of the earnings bonus and get a few games in on the M6.

There are also three Tier VI mediums involved – and they are the VK3001H, VK3001P, and VK3601H, the traditional trio of German mediums. All are pretty effective tanks in the right hands, though the VK3001H is my favourite – and I will probably play a few battles in it. If you are faced by which to get the simple consideration is the VK3001P is a sniper, the VK3601H is a brawler, and the VK3001H is a skirmisher.

There are four Tier VI light tanks available – the 59-16, AMX 12t, T21, and VK2801. I could theoretically acquire the VK2801, but most likely will not. I do not have any experience of these myself, but having faced them I was say the AMX 12t and VK2801 seem to be greater threats on the battlefield than the other two – even post-nerf.

There are also three Tier VI tank destroyers included – the AT 8, Churchill Gun Carrier, and ARL V39. Again I have no personal experience of any of these. I will probably use this opportunity to acquire the ARL V39, which I have opposed a few times in battle and can be quite effective if it does not get flanked. The two British entrants I have not really seen much on the battlefield so I cannot really comment.

Finally two Tier IV SPGs are included – the SU-5 and AMX 105AM. No interest for me here personally. I have been killed by the SU-5 enough times to know it can dish out the damage very effectively – the AMX 105AM is encountered much less often so has not stood out in quite the same way.

So that is the tanks wrapped up, but there are two further items to this offer. Firstly each Confederate medal awarded comes with a bonus of fifteen thousand credits, and secondly there is double crew experience for the duration of the special.

So overall a good selection of vehicles involved, but the extras generally speak to more experienced players with not much for the newbie. Otherwise a very good offer – B.


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