WoT (EU): Ambush Special

The Special Offer this weekend on the EU server is all based around Tank Destroyers, which automatically gets a smile on my face. While this is hardly as an extravagant offer as the 2nd Anniversary Special it is a good offer with a strong internal theme.

To begin with there is a 30% discount on all Tier VII Tank Destroyers: Jagdpanther, T25 AT, T25/2, SU-152, SU-100M1, AMX AC Mle. 1946, and AT 7. In addition all of these except the Jagdpanther will get a 30% earnings’ bonus – and the reason the Jagdpanther is excluded is because it already has a 30% earnings’ bonus as it is Tank of the Month. In addition the Tier VII Soviet premium tank destroyer SU-122-44 is also on a 30% discount, making it cost around 4725 gold. Finally the Tier III tank destroyers have a 100% earnings’ bonus – the Marder II, SU-76, T82, Renault UE 57, and Valentine AT. This is a very good selection of higher tier and lower tier vehicles, so really all sorts of players can benefit. In particular any newer players that got caught up in the special can reasonably push to get a Tier III TD, or may indeed already have one, and the bonus there will help out their credit balance. What I know about the premium on offer is only second-hand, but general I have heard good things.

Of course, if you do not like tank destroyers the above is kind of useless. However, there are a couple of other elements to this offer which all will benefit from. Firstly the medal associated with this offer is the Defender medal, and each one will earn a 15k credit bonus. In addition there is a 50% discount on emblems this offer for those interested in cosmetics. Finally the first victory with each vehicle will earn a triple experience bonus instead of the usual double.

Sometimes the offers we get are too focused on newer or older players, or are just all over the place. This one though is very tightly put together, and I think it is a very intelligent set of bonuses. I would give it a solid A.


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