WoT: Anniversary analysis

Well, I did a fair bit less in the 2nd Anniversary Special than I originally intended. Two reasons for that – the first was my rather poor record. On Friday and Saturday I had a combined 14-26 record, which eventually just got me down a bit. Then for various reasons I did not play World of Tanks at all on Sunday. Tonight I have managed 12 games (with a 7-5 record). Ultimately I think the long losing streak with the Jagdpanther at the start of my anniversary campaign on Friday did cast something of a shadow over the entire event. The most immediate practical upshot of this is I did not manage to achieve all my goals, or play games in all the tanks I wanted. Nevertheless, I did manage to cover quite a bit of ground.

1. I elited the SU-85B and acquired the SU-85. I have decided not to sell off the SU-85B, but to play it for a bit to further train the crew. At Tier VII the Russian TD branch splits into two, so this will get me the two crews I require.

2. On the Jagdpanther I researched and acquired the Ferdinand, and equipped it.

3. Acquired the Panzer VI Tiger and equipped it

4. Acquired the M6 and equipped it

5. Acquired equipment for the Leichttraktor and SU-26

Only after I had run out of credits (literally – as I write this I have 6,589) did I realised I had forgotten to get the GW Panther on offer. I am unwilling to sell off any tanks currently because I will not get full credit for the equipment that goes with them – it would make a false saving (30% discount on the Panther vs a 50% effective cut in selling price of the equipment). As things stand however I have not done badly – I have made a saving of roughly 3.5 million and the 7-8 million I had banked has therefore been well spent. The one downside of this strategy is I paid full price for the Tiger, M6, and SU-85, but to be honest on all of them the savings I made on the equipment is greater than the savings I would make on a 50% discount. Moving forward however I am going to have to earn some cash – I hardly played my KV-5 so far in April, but that is now going to change.

Going forward my aim is going to be to save up enough to get the ST-1, but that is now in the medium term. So is acquiring the GW Panther – though now I feeling I will wait until after the arty revamp that is going to take place in 8.6 and see just how things stand. Shorter term I want to write up the S-35 CA and T1 HT, and then sell them both and move on. I also want to soon start playing with both Tiger tanks, so I can compare them in several dozen battles’ time. How much of this occurs – and how long it takes to happen, all depends.

  1. mrrx said:

    I’ll be curious to see your SU-85 impressions. I really hated playing it, it didn’t match my playstyle well, and was a huge letdown considering all the ink used to sing it’s praises. It was so bad, it roughly scared me off of playing further down the Soviet TD tree.

    The SU-85B is far superior IMO. I get accused of using gold rounds with it regularly, even though I have merely a 100% crew (working on their BIA).

    • stnylan said:

      Well as and when I get some time to do some proper playing in it I will let you know – interesting to hear you experiences. I will be playing both the SU-85B and SU-85 alongside each other for a time, so should get a good comparison.

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