Personal: Boston

This evening I have been watching the news come up about the explosions in Boston. It is early days, but it seems there were other devices present which did not go off. If that is so this tragedy is one that could have been much worse, cold comfort though that is to those whose nearest and dearest are now in hospital, or in the mortuary. The bombs were placed to take advantage of a human competitive sport – marathon running – but they detonated long after the professional runners had passed. The people crossing the finish line by then were the amateurs, the ones who were running it for charity, or for simple personal achievement, or just for the pleasure of running in a popular and iconic marathon. The spectators, I imagine, were celebrating everyone who crossed that finish line.

Whoever is responsible for this bombing – and as yet no one knows who (and it would be foolish in the extreme to assume Islamic militants, though they must be considered a possibility) – wishes to install a sense of fear and terror into the people of Boston, and by extension the people of America and of the western world. For all the divisions in American society, and for all the differences between the nations, now is a time to put aside those things which divide us and come together in our shared humanity. Tomorrow, or the next day, is soon enough to continue our disagreements. From across the ocean I can offer nothing but my prayers, but those I do offer and wholeheartedly.

Be at peace. Amend.


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