WoT: First Tier X kill and the Jagdpanther curse

Last Thursday (I think) I killed my first Tier X tank. It has taken quite a while – I have come close a few times but someone else always got the final shot. In a sort of poetic recompense, on this occasion other folks did most of the damage and I managed the final shot. I was in my KV-4, on Ruinberg, defending on an Assault map. An enemy Bat Chatillon 25t has raced across the north of the map to get at our artillery – successfully alas. He killed the first two, but the third SPG player had been awake and furiously moving into the town itself where support was. I had taken up position to shot at anyone come up the central entranceway to the town, and realised I now had a clear shot on the Bat Chat from across the plaza area. It seemed to take ages for my turret to turn, and by the time that it had the Batchat was down to about 250hp. One shot from me and he was done. It actually ended up being a really good game, with four kills for me (two T71 and a Tiger II), but ultimately ended in defeat. Thinking about things, it is not surprising it has taken me over a year to kill a Tier X. For a  very brief time before the matchmaking changes in 7.5 I came up against them now and then in my KV-2, but subsequently it has only been in the KV-4, and to be honest I do not find myself in that many Tier X matches (and when I do, there are usually only a handful of Tier X tanks involved). So opportunity has been somewhat lacking. Of course, now I do have my first Tier X kill, I want my second. 😀

For the first day of the anniversary special I also had two absolutely rotten runs in two tanks I actually enjoy, the S-35 CA and the Jagdpanther. Usually after my second loss in an individual tank I move on – but actually on both these tanks I was playing often quite well, and generally was quite relaxed. This may be because, with the tank of the month bonus and the anniversary bonus I was getting quite a few credits even with the losses. I finally got a win with the S-35 CA on the sixth attempt – but in the Jagdpanther it took ten attempts. I swear the Jagdpanther has to be my unluckiest tank – I started with a streak of 7 losses, and now a steak of 9 losses. Despite all of this I do actually enjoy playing it. Mind you, the bad luck has not yet entirely left me – currently just had four consecutive losses in a row on the KV-4! 😀





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