WoT: What to do during the anniversary

So, there is a lot on for this 2nd Anniversary special, mostly for regular Tier VIII and Tier V tanks, and Tier VI SPGs (though apparently not the S-51), plus an equipment sale, crew retrain discount, and a x5 experience bonus on first victory. How should I get the most out of this? Well, below is my approach. We’ll see how well it works out in practice.

Marder II – The earnings’ bonuses are useless for my Marder – but the x5 experience bonus is going to be very useful indeed. With a bit of luck I will be able to get most of the way to 89% on the third skill.

Jagdpanther – The Jagdpanther gets no earnings’ bonus from the special, but does as it is the current tank of the month. Also with the x5 experience specials I am hopefully in being able to unlock either the Ferdinand or Jagdpanther II, which I would probably then purchase at a discount and equip.

KV-4 – It will only take one decent victory for me to complete the research now, but I will likely continue playing it to benefit from the earning’s bonus. By the end of the special I might acquire the ST-1 and equip it.

Hummel – This tank has an earning’s bonus to take advantage of, and then probably at the end of the special acquire the GW Panther on the discount and equip.

S-35 CA / T1 HT – Already elited these tank, but play to take advantage of double earnings and then acquire the ARL V39 and M6 respectively at the end of the special and get the discount on equipment.

SU-85B – Finish playing out this tank, acquire the SU-85 and equip at discount, and then hopefully enjoy some earnings bonus and experience bonus to make the early research quicker.

KV-1 / M4 Sherman / VK1602 Leopard – With these three tanks it is just a matter of enjoying the credit bonus and the x5 experience bonus to help train the crews.

For everything else – well, that x5 bonus is useful both in research and crew training, and I expect to sample a few more than just the above during the next few days. My approach will generally be not to sell of tanks, if possible, during the offer because I will get less credits for the equipment on them. Rather I will park them in spare garage slots temporarily and sell them off afterward.




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