WoT (EU): 2nd Anniversary Special

Tomorrow marks the 2nd Anniversary of World of Tank’s EU/NA launch, with an accompanying special. This is actually the same special as is running on the NA server. It comes along with a particular garish Garage decoration, which some people do not like at all. I do find it rather over-bright, but certainly not deserving some of the rather silly (and somewhat offensive) names I have seen bandied about. The offer has a huge number of tanks involved.

To begin with all regular Tier VIII Heavy, Medium, and Lights Tanks, all regular Tier VIII Tank Destroyers, and all Tier VI SPGs are available for a 30% discount with 30% earnings bonus. Well, I say all regular Tier VI SPGs, on the chart on the special page the S-51 is not included, but I do not know if that is an oversight or not (and having read through the thread on the EU forum, at 19 pages as of writing, there is not yet any clarification). The tanks that are confirmed to be involved in this segment of the special are the KV-4, IS-3, T32, Caernarvon, VK4502P Ausf. A, Panzer VIB Tiger II, AMX 50 100, 110, T-44, T69, M26 Pershing, Centurion Mk I, Panther II, Type T-34-2, AMX 13 90, WZ-132, ISU-152, SU-101, T28, T28 Prototype, Ferdinand, Jagdpanther II, AMX AC Mle. 1948, AT 15, SU-14, M12, GW Panther, and Lorraine 155 50. Quite a list!

However, that is not all. The Tier VIII premium tanks are available for a 15% discount – in other words the IS-6, Löwe, T34, FCM 50t, 8.8cm Jagdtiger, and T26E4 Superpershing.

Still not done! All regular Tier V tanks have increased credit bonuses. The dedicated scouts and the SPGs have a 50% earnings bonus. The scouts are the T-50-2, 59-16, and M24 Chaffee; and the SPGs are the Hummel, M41, SU-8, and AMX 13 F3 AM. The remaining regular Tier V tanks have a 100% earnings bonus. The heavies are the T1 HT, KV-1, Churchill I, and BDR G1B. The mediums are the T-34, M4 Sherman, M7, Panzer IV, Panzer III/IV, and Type T-34. The lights with the 100% bonus are the Crusader, VK1602 Leopard, and ELC AMX. The tank destroyers are the M10 Wolverine, T49, SU-85, Stug III, AT2, and S-35 CA. Note these are not available at a discount.

There are other aspects to the offer other than earnings bonuses however. To begin with there is a 25,000 credit bonus for each Top Gun medal. There is also a x5 experience bonus for the first victory in each tank, a 50% discount on all equipment, and a 50% discount on crew training and retraining. These are all very welcome additions.

There are also some special gift shop offers for the anniversary. Usually gift shop offers do not work out as being a good deal, but there are two that might be of interest. Both the KV-5 and Type 62 are on offer – tanks which are not available in game (the KV-5 used to be but was withdrawn, the Type 62 has never been). A final element of the weekend’s offers so far is that premium offers for 3 days, 7 days, 6 months, and 12 months are also available at a discounted price.

All in all there is a lot involved in this offer. It would seem churlish to complain about it, and on the whole I am not going to. There is a lot in this offer to interest me – I intend to profit by the earnings bonus on the KV-4, and some of the Tier Vs. I will probably also take this opportunity to acquire the GW Panther. However, this is also an offer focused more on experienced players – something shown by the focus on Tier VIII tanks and the lack of a discount on lower tiers. While I do consider it a deficit, I do not consider it a crippling one.

Most offers on the EU server run from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning, but this one runs from tomorrow morning. There have been a few hints a bonus code might be forthcoming later as well – keep your eyes peeled.

  1. seanas said:

    There’s a bonus code, advertised today (or at least, I saw it this morning) for 1 day’s premium and a bunch of premium consumables – I’m going to make sure my wife’s brother, who’s recently started playing, sees it and adds it to his account: I know he’ll benefit from it. I’ve already added it to both my (free) NA account and my premium EU accout 🙂

    • stnylan said:

      Just seen it and added it my account as well. I’ve yet to use a single premium consumable I have gotten from all the bonus codes over the last year. First time for everything I suppose 😀

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