WoT (EU): Calm Before the Storm Special

Next Friday is the start of the 2nd Anniversary World of Tanks special. Therefore this week’s special was always going to be a bit lacklustre in preparation, and so it proves. While not a brilliant offer, there are a couple of useful items. The special runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The first thing to note about this special is that no tanks are involved. None. I presume this is because there are going to be a lot of tanks involved in the Anniversary special.

With that out of the way, the medal this week is Patrol Duty, and each one will earn you 25,000 credits. This is definitely my favourite of the newer medals, and one of my favourite overall. You get it by enabling six enemy tanks to be damaged, and I think you have to be the only tank on your side spotting the damage when it hits. The reason this is my favourite medal is that it directly awards team-play. The large bonus is partly a reflection of the fact this is a somewhat tricky medal to acquire, but it makes it all that much sweeter.

We then have a 50% discount on barracks enlargement (usually costing 300 gold for an extra 16 bunks). The barracks are a place to retain experienced crew whilst not having the garage slots and / or tanks to use them. As such this is not as useful as extra garage slots, but I have found an extra set of 16 (ie, I have 32 in total) enables some added flexibility with tank crew management. There is also a 50% discount on crew skill resets, for both credits and gold. I will go through my crews to see if I will take advantage of this – right now I am really not sure if I need to.

We also have a 50% discount on both regular and premium consumables. So far it does not appear that the Fire Extinguisher Mechanic will change in 8.5, but it does appear that premium consumables will become credit purchasable. To what extent these two facts impact any decision to take advantage of this offer entirely depends on personal circumstance and preference. I will probably not be being any consumables as I have fully stocked.

The last item of the special is a double crew experience bonus for each battle. No doubt this is the “meat” of this offer, as crew experience bonuses are very useful things, particularly for more experienced players. Younger players may not see the point as much – in which case I can only counsel wait until next weekend when I presume we will get a large bonus for first victory, plus lots of tanks on discount.

Overall I would have to rate this a B minus, and the only reason it is that high is because of the fact the Anniversary special is the next one.



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