WoT (EU) Special: Tier I to the front!

Sometimes I have to love the sense of humour of game companies. Today that is the Wargaming EU team in their special running from now until tomorrow morning, in celebration of Tier I vehicles.

They claim they will have double credit earnings for the duration of the special – and since people have likely sold off their Tier I tanks that these vehicles will also be available at a 50% discount. Think about that for a moment. To be sure, it is not the best joke in the world, but having just changed a very whiffy nappy it was enough to make me smile. What I particularly like about it this is that it is relatively understated. Heavens, the credit earnings bonus might even be true! 😀

In other news, posting is likely to be light the next few days as we are hosting a mini Viking invasion 🙂

  1. Foowashere said:

    They did a fair set of jokes I must say, but aside from the tier 1-special and the subtle (WoT) page banner they where a bit too obvious (but still amusing). The moon map would be an interesting variation though! 🙂

    • Ah, when I checked this morning only the Tier I special was up – and I didn’t notice the banner. That is quite nice. The others are a bit like a bad pun – not-funny but in an amusing fashion (if that makes any kind of sense) 😉 .

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