WoT (EU): Back to Your Roots Special

They are not doing a specific Easter special this year on the EU apparently – presumably my memory mixed up Easter and the anniversary specials of last year. All the same the offer this weekend – it runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning – is quite a cracker, and all focused on lower tier Tanks.

To start off with everything else: the other main aspect of this offer, from my perspective, is double crew experience for every battle. Always a great item, especially given how much experience it takes to grind out the third crew skill. There is also a 50% discount on all camouflages, which I probably will not use as this has come up quite recently and I already put permanent camos on a handful of tanks. The medal involved this week is the Sniper medal, each one will net six thousand credits. The Sniper medal is the easiest to get, so it makes sense the credit bonus is correspondingly small.

Now onto the meat of the offer, a 100% credit earning bonus to every regular light, medium, and heavy Tier III and Tier IV tank. Double credits on a total of twenty-eight different tanks (assuming I have not miscounted). Do note that tank destroyers and SPGs are not included in this, and neither are premium tanks. If you wish for a bit of nostalgia I highly recommend throwing a few credits at an old favourite or two – given this offer it should be quite easy to make the credits back. Either that or take any Tier IIIs or IVs in the garage out for a spin, which is what I am intending to do. Or perhaps even purchase a new tank.

There are lots of Tier III and IV tanks I have yet to play, but quite a number that I have. I will be making good use of the Panzer III during the offer, as it offers fast gameplay with considerable potential for both gank and tank. It makes some somewhat nostalgic for the M3 Lee as well, as that thing can pack a mighty punch. Unfortunately it somewhat unpopular due its main gun being hull-mounted rather than in a turret, so perhaps we will not see it out as much as we should. The T-50 will probably get a serious outing – it is almost enough get me to purchase it myself (though I may not get around to doing so). The Panzer I Ausf. C certainly has massive potential as well, and as these are currently something a flavour of the month at the lower tiers I expect to see masses of them. If you like a bit more derping, the Cruiser Mk II has a beast of a derp gun on it for this tier – though being aggressive in that tank is a quite route to suicide. Another, more conventional derp option would be the M2 MT. These are only the tanks that immediately spring to mind, and I am not intending to list all the tanks involved. Each tank can be a fearsome machine in the right hands – time to find out which low-tier tank makes the best fit 🙂 .

Twenty tanks with a credit earning bonus though – that is something quite special. No snide remarks about them being low-tier, Tiers III and IV are a great deal of fun and that is all that counts. Overall this bonus is a solid A from me.

Update: despite the wording of the offer I appear to be getting the credit bonus on my Tier III tank destroyers too, but not my Tier IV TDs.


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