WoT (EU): Hidden and Dangerous Special

This weekend’s special offer features tank destroyers and artillery – the vehicles most likely to inflict pain when you can’t see them. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The tanks involved in this special come in two group. Firstly there are a group of tier VI Tank Destroyers: the Jagdpanzer IV, M18 Hellcat, M36 Jackson, SU-100, and ARL V39. Then there are some Tier V SPGs: the Hummel, M41, SU-8, and AMX 13 F3 AM. These vehicles are all at a 50% discount and have a 50% earnings bonus. The Hummel and Jagdpanzer IV I can certainly recommend. The Hummel has a great combination of hitting power and manoeuvrability. The Jagdpanzer IV gets a bad rep, but I got on well with it.

Also available at a 30% discount is the British Tier VII premium tank destroyer, the AT-15A. The French premium Tier IV SPG 105 le FH18B2 is also available at a 50% discount. The French arty I know virtually nothing about – and it appears relatively rarely on the battlefield. The AT-15A I have seen played very well – used right it can soak up a lot of damage for its team. Also a team-mate can fire over the top of it, meaning for the same vertical volume the team can output double the damage. It is slow however, so if you do not like slower vehicles it is possibly not for you.

Why the British Tier VI tank destroyer is not included I do not know – perhaps because the Brits do not yet have artillery in the game. Even taking that into account it seems a strange omission in a themed offer such as this. It is a minor thing however, and otherwise the is a great selection of vehicles.

The medal involved this special is the Confederate medal – each one will bring in an extra ten thousand credits. You get confederate for damaging at least six enemy tanks which your team mates subsequently destroy (and have more damaged tanks that others kill than anyone else).

Next we have a 50% discount on regular and premium consumables, so time to stock up on those repair kits! I always make sure to buy my consumables on these offers and not as I go along – one can save a substantial number of credits doing so.

There is also a 50% discount on inscriptions, both temporary inscriptions paid for with credits and permanent ones paid for with gold. These are purely cosmetic and personally do not really interest me – but if this is something you like for your tanks now is clearly the time to invest.

More usefully for me there is a 50% discount on garage slots, and I have going to invest in a few. Yes I have plenty of tanks in my garage – but I want to be able to explore more and have them readily available. The other reason to get some now is, if last year is anything to by, the specials around Easter might be quite special – so time to get some extra space to take advantage if that speculation turns true (for that reason I am also saving credits – currently 5 million).

Finally the first victory in each vehicle this week will give a triple experience bonus rather than the usual double.

Overall this is a great special, the only minor irritant being no regular British vehicle involved. It really is minor though. Definitely A minus territory.

  1. MuhammadKhater said:

    Don’t forget the anniversary 12th April. 🙂 …

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