WoT (EU): Saint Patrick’s Day Special

I may be one of relatively few people playing World of Tanks for whom Saint Patrick’s Day is primarily a religious festival, as opposed to a national festival or excuse to have a party. Also it is hardly as if World of Tanks has a natural tie-in to the day – no Irish tanks 🙂 . So this is just a good excuse for a name for a special, and to be entirely fair it is a pretty decent special. It runs the standard Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

To go straight to the tanks involved, and continuing a theme from the last two special offers they are all of one tier, Tier VIII in fact. Tier VIII tanks relatively rarely get involved in special offers on the EU forum. Involved are all the regular Tier VIII heavy tanks: IS-3, KV-4, T32, VK4502P Ausf. A, Tiger II, 110, Caernavon, and AMX 50 100. There is a 30% discount and a 30% earnings bonus on all of these. I have only played the KV-4, which I have generally found to be a good tank. The IS-3 is undoubtedly the most popular of the Tier VIII heavies. Tier VIII tanks without premium generally are unprofitable, but the earnings bonus will probably make these profitable, or at least break even. Generally just a good time to acquire or play them.

The medal for this offer is Patrol Medal – and it comes with a whopping twenty-five thousand credit bonus. Definitely an incentive to get out a scout tank or two.

We then have 50% discounts on equipment, crew skill resets, and camouflage. Well, the wording for camouflage is a little unclear, it says “up to 50%” but with no indication of what precisely that might mean. I certainly intend to take advantage of the equipment sale, though I only have a relatively few tanks at the moment with free slots. I may take this time permanently camo-up my Marder II, but it will depend on the eventual prices.

Wonderfully the next item on the offer is a triple crew experience bonus for each battle. My favourite item in an offer, and this is no exception.

Finally there are discounts on three and seven day premium accounts, though for me this is slighly irrelevant.

Overall I rate this as a very solid offer, and the addition of the Tier VIIIs does make it slightly special.

  1. Muhammad Khater said:

    Indeed. Big Like.

    An off-topic Q – Server Side reticle is better?

    • stnylan said:

      I have to say I have never used server-side reticule so I cannot comment on that 🙂

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