WoT: Roving with the Renault NC-31

The Renault NC-31 is the Chinese Tier I vehicle, an incarnation of the venerable RenaultFT. Indeed the two vehicles do appear very similar – the NC-31 has slightly higher speed, its gun has slightly lower penetration and rate of fire against marginally higher damage. In other words the comparison is one of minor adjustments – more or less as expected.

It is nevertheless quite an effective little tank in its own milieu – against other Tier I tanks. It can hit hard everything at Tier I and almost everything at Tier II. While not the fastest vehicle on the field, I have found it feels rather agile for all that. It works best I think in the medium range of Tier I engagements. Too close and the T1 Cunningham can tear it apart – too long and the Leichttraktor will snipe it whilst being relatively safe itself.

The armour will sometimes bounce some Tier I shots, especially from the autoloaders – but like all Tier I armour it is not to be relied upon. Its speed realistically means once you have decided on your approach to a particular map you rarely have a chance to change tack – but then Tier I battles tend not to be overly complex affairs.

My final reckoning with this tank was 7 matches of which I won 3, with nine enemy tanks destroyed. I did manage to get the Ace Tanker medal in one memorable match in which I killed four other enemy tanks. I played it with a 75% crew and demountable equipment.

Overall this is a fun Tier I tank, that compares well to the other Tier I lights. Mostly from this experience though I have gained a desire to get a garage slot for a permanent Tier I – which is almost certainly going to be the Leichttraktor, whenever I can afford it.

  1. mrrx said:

    Seems I am the King of Tier 1 in this game – I have of course the MS-1, along with a Leichtetraktor, and the NC-31. The FT-17 rubbed me the wrong way for no good reason. The T1 feels very similar to the Loltraker.

    The Mk 1 I hated as a slow, easy target, but I could be convinced to try it again if the right reason surfaced. I’ve seen people play these things remarkably well in some matches, although most they are easy kills.

    • stnylan said:

      When garage slots next come on sale on the EU server I am seriously thinking getting a slot for a Leichttraktor to join in on the Tier I action. I never really got along with the MS-1 for some reason, but the traktor was my first tank and I still remember it fondly. 🙂

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