WoT (EU): Heavy Steel Special

The special offer in the EU server this weekend is all based around Tier VII heavy tanks. In fact it seems very similar to last weekend’s offer. Like normal it runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

There are eight regular Tier VII Heavy Tanks, and all are involved in the offer. They are T29, Black Prince, Panzer VI Tiger, Tiger P, AMX M4 (1945), KV-3, IS, and IS-2. All these tanks are available for a 50% discount and have a 30% bonus to credit earnings. Also the Tier V American premium T14 is also available for a 50% discount. I have no intention of acquiring that tank at the moment since I am rarely impressed by it when I encounter it on the battlefield. As for the rest, I already have the Tiger P (unplayed as yet) and have played through the KV-3. It is not impossible I might unlock the Tiger this weekend, but I consider it unlikely. I do not encounter the French or American heavy tanks very often – the Tiger P has a very good reputation, and the Tiger and IS regularly perform well. I also know little of the Chinese IS-2, but since it is an IS clone I presume it would be similar.

The medal involved in this offer is the Steel Wall – and it gives the bonus of 7000 credits each time it is earned. Very appropriate for heavy tanks. The only trick to winning this medal is surviving.

There is a 50% discount on crew retraining which makes this a good time to shuffle some crews around to a different tank, but it is not something I have a use for just now.

Finally the first victory with each vehicle grants triple instead of the usual double experience.

Overall this is a solid offer, but it is not quite as good as the Tier VI medium offer of last weekend. The credit earning bonus is lower, and given the higher expenses of Tier VII heavies it basically does not amount to as much. Overall I think I would rate this as a B minus.

  1. Muhammad Khater said:

    Very interesting. I came across your blog while googling around WOT related info. I admire people who have patience to write a complete review or opinion.I usually rush in the field and can’t wait much. Ironic how personal traits reflect in the gaming behaviour.

    I follow your posts on specials , most of the time I am on the verge of of buy/no buy decision and needed a push for yes or no. I am glad I found it here :).

    • stnylan said:

      Hi there. Great to know you find it interesting. Sorry there has been a bit of a delay in replying – my wife, myself, and our daughter all have the cold/cough bug at the moment – and my daughter also has chicken pox, so tanking/blogging was a rather low priority this weekend in the event 🙂

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