WoT: March 2013 Report


My World of Tanks’ gametime in February has proven to have been somewhat interrupted. My wife has started to go back to work (night-shifts) during which I look after Melian, which does have an impact on gametime. Not only that but Skyrim provides a ready-gaming alternative that I can always pause if Melian has a nightmare or something similar.

Without a doubt the month has been dominated by the Marder II, KV-4, KV-5, and Jagdpanther. Although I have played other tanks on and off, these four have proved both enjoyable and challenging. In the course of the month I became aware of some fresh aims. The first is as the VK3601H is likely to be re-classified as a heavy tank at some point in the not too distant future I wish to finish playing it so I can move the crew into one of the Tier VII German mediums. That should be able to happen in March. The second, less realistic, is to move onto the IS-line of tanks proper. This in part is motivated from theoretically getting the IS-3 before getting the ST-1, and in the IS-3 unlocking the BL-9 gun, which would make the initial grind on the ST-1 rather more bearable. We shall see if this actually happens.

Otherwise I am still very enjoyably over-run with all sorts of tanks to play. Pretty much there is always something that fits my mood. This coming month will see my one-year tank anniversary. What a year.

Garage Trip

Renault NC-31 (Tier I Light Chinese) – elited. The Chinese Tier I tank in which I have played a few games, and will shortly be selling on to move onto the Tier II.

AMX 38 (Tier III Light French) – fully upgraded. Not played in February.

S-35 CA (Tier V TD French) – full upgraded. Had a few great matches with this. Tier VII tanks have reason to fear (so long as they cannot see it anyway).

Pz38H735f (Tier II Light German) – premium. My least favourite tanks to encounter in this are the T18 and AMX38. Other tank destroyers (and tanks) can ruin my day, but I at least can return the favour. With these though, well, it does not really quite happen like that.

Panzer II Luchs (Tier III Light German) – elited. Being bumped up a tier in 8.4. I will likely take it out for a spin when it is, but in reality I will not retain it. I will probably use this spot to whichever Tier III tank I choose to retain.

VK1602 Leopard (Tier IV Light German) – elited. Going to be bumped to Tier V. I still struggle with the Tier IV scout tanks.

Panzer III (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. The more I think about it, the more I think this tank is one of those that has benefited the most from the narrowing of the matchmaker that took place back in 7.5.

T-25 (Tier V Medium German) – premium. Been using this to help train my VK3601H crew. Recently got my Ace Tanker badge on it. One of the few tanks I own which can legitimately make a run for the hill on the Mines map.

VK3001H (Tier VI Medium German) – fully upgraded. Despite the greater popularity of the VK3601H, so far this is the German Tier VI medium I have had most fun with.

VK3601H (Tier VI Medium German) – fully upgraded. Given the Tier VI mediums share so many modules (and with the Jagdpanther) I did not have many modules to research before having it fully upgraded. So far I do not quite see what all the fuss is about.

Pz B2 740f (Tier IV Heavy German) – premium. Unplayed in February.

Tiger P (Tier VII Heavy German) – unplayed. Waiting until I unlock the historical Tiger so I can play them alongside each other.

Marder II (Tier III TD German) – elited. Closing in on 1000 battles. The third crew skill is now at 82%. Around 478k crew experience to go to finish off the third skill.

Hetzer (Tier IV TD German) – elited. Not played in February.

Jagdpanther (Tier VII TD German) – fully researched. . After my disastrous start (7 straight defeats) I am slowly raising the win-rate of this tank – now at around 50%. The top gun does make a huge difference. It is less bouncy from the front than I expected.

Hummel (Tier V SPG German) – elited. Not sure when to get the GW Panther, but probably either March or April.

Cruiser Mk III (Tier II Light UK) – elited. This tank is helping teach me just how powerful an autoloader can be.

Cruiser Mk II (Tier III Light UK) – fully upgraded. Not played in February.

Medium Mk III (Tier III Medium UK) – researching. Not played in February.

T1E6 (Tier II Light USA) – premium. The Holiday gift, not yet played.

M5 Stuart (Tier IV Light USA) – fully upgraded. The next tank I am playing with my platoon-mate. I am having some success in this – but also some spectacular failures.

M4 Sherman (Tier V Medium USA) – elited. Going to try to give the derp another go in this tank.

T1 HT (Tier V Heavy USA) – fully upgraded. Overall I have enjoyed this tank, but ultimately it has either too many drawbacks or not enough positives.

T82 (Tier III TD USA) – elited. Will be selling this to get the T40. Very enjoyable.

M8A1 (Tier IV TD USA) – researching. A turretted TD is a new one for me and is taking some getting used to.

A-20 (Tier IV Light USSR) – elited. Not playing. Waiting to sell when I need the slot.

Valentine II (Tier IV Light USSR) – premium. Not played this last month

T-34 (Tier V Medium USSR) – fully upgraded. On back-burner.

Matilda LL (Tier V Medium USSR) – premium. Not played in February

Churchill LL (Tier V Heavy USSR) – premium. Using it now and then to help the crews of both the KV-1 and KV-1S

KV-1 (Tier V Heavy USSR) – elited. Still experimenting with the derp.

KV-1S (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – fully upgraded. I have decided this tank should really be compared to the KV-2 – both guns have massive reload times and can hurt tanks in distinctive ways.

KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – elited. The very archetype of derp.

KV-4 (Tier VIII Heavy USSR) – fully upgraded. Just under two-thirds of the way to unlocking the ST-1.

KV-5 (Tier VIII Heavy USRR) – premium. When I write an article specifically about this tank I am almost certainly going to call it “Living with the weakspot”.

SU-85B (Tier IV TD USSR) – fully upgraded. When all it said and done, it just does not look quite as cool as the Hetzer 🙂

SU-26 (Tier III SPG USSR) – researching. The turretted SPG I have been wanting to play ever since I saw Gank’s youtube video of it.

Bought this month: M8A1, M5 Stuart, SU-26

Sold this month: SU-18

Facts and Figures

Overall figures:

Battles Participated – 4287 (+258)
Victories – 2381 55.54% (+160 +0.41%)
Defeats – 1858 43.34% (+97 -0.37%)
Draws – 48 1.12% (+1 -0.05%)
Survived – 1277 29.79% (+78 +0.03%)

Destroyed – 5007 (+341)
Hit Ratio – 67% (unchanged)
Damage – 2,319,973 (+189,358)
Total Experience – 2,108,409 (+166,978)

Old Efficiency – 1229 (+18)
New Efficiency – 1155 (new)
WN6 Rating – 1211 (new)
Average Tier – 4.38 (+0.06)
Average Kills/Battle – 1.17 (+0.01)
Average Damage/Battle – 541 (+15)
Average Kills/Death – 1.66 (+0.01)


Halonen’s Medal – 5
Bilotte’s Medal – 1
Kolobanov’s Medal – 2
Radley-Walter’s Medal – 2
De Langlade’s Medal – 1 (+1)

Brothers in Arms – 1 (+1)
Defender – 14 (+2)
Patrol Duty – 6 (+4)
Invader – 1
Scout – 9 (+4)
Sniper – 153 (+8)
Steel Wall – 64 (+8)
Confederate – 19 (+2)
Top Gun – 77 (+10)

Master Gunner – 24 (+1)
Hunter – 1
Reaper – 6
Cool-Headed – 1 (+1)
Kamikaze – 5 (+1)
Lucky – 2 (+1)
Spartan – 3 (+2)
Sharpshooter – 38 (+5)

Abram’s II Class 3822 to go (-76)
Carius’ II Class 4993 to go (-341)
Ekins III Class 77 to go (-31)
Kay’s II Class 657 to go (-38)
Knispel’s II Class 5,872,164 to go (-358,781)
Lavrinenko’s II Class 25,307 to go (-565)
Leclerc’s II Class 22,924 to go (-379)
Popel’s II Class 15,344 to go (-332)

Top 10 tanks overall:
Marder II – 966 (583-377)
KV-1 – 350 (185-160)
KV-5 – 245 (139-105)
Panzer IV – 160 (104-56)
Hetzer – 157 (84-73)
KV-3 – 151 (85-63)
KV-4 – 133 (76-55)
KV-2 – 111 (62-48)
T-28 – 107 (58-48)
Hummel – 104 (56-46)

Top 5 tanks in January:
Marder II – 43
Jagdpanther – 30
KV-4 – 30
KV-5 – 27
VK1602 Leopard – 13


The world of WoT Statistics had a bit of revolution this last month with the launching of a new efficiency rating. This was probably in response to a new rating called WN6. If there was one major criticism of the old efficiency rating it was that it was too easy to game the rating by farming base capture points. In the new efficiency rating formula the influence of base capture points is much reduced. WN6 does not involve them at all – actually it uses slightly different criteria in its make-up and weightings. One major factor of difference is that it applies a negative to your rating if your average Tier is below 6. I have included both the new ratings and the old efficiency rating (from WoT Dossier Tool).

Otherwise I was very surprised by the jump in win rate this last month. I would not be surprised if that falls next month, but nevertheless nice and encouraging. I had a large number of medals this month than usual too, which is probably also reflected in the win rate. In particular I won my first ever Brothers in Arms medal with a friend. We have come close very often, so it was nice to finally see it happen. I also killed by 5000th tank – which puts me half-way to my first 1st class career medal. Still a long way off 🙂 . The regular addition of the Jagdpanther is having some impact on the speed of my progression to Ekins’ Medal II Class too. Hopefully that will continue. The T-28 will probably drop out of the Top 10 vehicles next month – it depends on how many games I play on the Panzer III and Hummel.



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