WoT (EU): Six Nations Special

Over in western Europe we are currently in the middle of the Six Nations tournament – a rugby union tournament that takes place between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Italy. This weekend’s special offer in World of Tanks in the EU forum is clearly a nod to this tournament in the name. There are also, of course, six nations currently represented in World of Tanks. How else though to link the offer into the name – well clearly to make it about Tier VI tanks as this offer has a wide selection of Tier VI vehicles from all nations. As per usual it goes from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The vehicles involved in the offer are all light, medium, or heavy tanks. They consist of: 59-16, Type 58, AMX 12t, ARL 44, VK3001P, VK3001H, VK3601H, Cromwell, Churchill VII, T21, M4A3E8, M4A3E2, M6, T-34-85, T-150, and KV-2. That is a lot of tanks to be involved in an offer – sixteen in total. All these tanks are available at a 50% discount and will have a 50% bonus to credit earnings. I have three of these – the KV-2, VK3001H, and VK3601H, and certainly I am intending to try to use this opportunity to increase the credits a bit. In addition there is 50% discount on the following premium vehicles: Ram-II (Tier V USA Medium), TOG II* (Tier VI UK Heavy), Churchill III (Tier V Soviet Heavy), Panzer IV Schmalturm (Tier VI German Medium), and FCM36 PaK40 (Tier III French TD). I am tempted by the Ram-II (and yes, in real life this was Canadian, but in World of Tanks it counts as USA) – but I probably will not be able to justify the expense right now. I already own the Churchill III (good fun) and have no interest in the others.

The medal involved in this offer is Invader – and each one earned will give fifteen thousand credits. This is unlikely to be relevant me – I have only ever won one and though I am not averse to capping out rarely do I do so alone. Additionally there is a 50% discount on acquiring emblems (using credits or gold) which does not interest me at all, but if you like the cosmetics it makes sense to spruce up the vehicles. Finally there is double crew experience for each tank for the duration of the offer, and this does interest me. Will definitely make use of it!

So there you have it – overall I think a great offer with a strong internal theme. A solid B+.


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