WoT (EU): Medium Tank Frenzy – Magnificent 7 Edition

This weekend’s special offer on the EU server is based all around Tier VII medium tanks. In what I find (and I presume the team behind the offer) to be quite beautiful symmetry there are seven regular Tier VII medium tanks in the game at the moment, and these are the focus of the offer. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The seven tanks at the centre of this offer at the T20, KV-13, T-43, Comet, Panzer V Panther, VK3002DB, and T-34-1. These tanks are available for a 50% discount, and will also have 50% earnings bonus for the offer. In addition the premium Panther-M10 is also available at a 30% discount. I do not think I will be able to take advantage yet of any of this – if this offer occurred in a month’s time it may have been a different story but right now I am just too far away from researching any of these tanks. Nevertheless it is certainly an excellent time to pick them up.

The medal involved in this offer is the Confederate medal, which one earns for damaging at least six enemy tanks which are then subsequently destroyed by other team-members. Each medal earned will mean a ten thousand credit bonus. This does feel a very appropriate medal for a medium tank offer – the tanks that support the heavies which then provide the killing punch (or something like that).

Also in this offer garage slots are at a 50% discount – so definitely time to expand one’s garage! Also on a 50% discount are all consumables, so time to stock up on those repair kits and fire extinguishers! I will probably stock up a few of these myself.

Finally the first victory each day of each vehicle will grant x5 experience bonus for the duration of the offer – definitely going to try to take advantage of this one several tanks!

Overall this is a very solid offer tightly organised around a clear theme – B+.



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