Personal: Another collision

So, I was riding my bicycle to work yesterday. I was not very far away from home – maybe 5-10 minutes walking distance, when at a small blind junction onto the main road as I cycled across a car pulled out. Then I was on the ground in a heap with my bike. This rather shook me up and is the main reason why I did not post anything yesterday. This was a rather more forceful collision that the little nudge I had back last year, and I have the following thoughts:

1. Ouch

2. It was a genuine accident. That particular junction is horrid, and a bad combination of circumstances caused the accident. Either no one was at fault, or we were both at fault.

3. Car bumper versus my leg – the bumper won.

4. The car driver was in an even greater state of shock than I was immediately after the accident. I had to comfort her, which on retrospect was very useful as it meant I was not thinking all that much about what had just happened.

5. It was a good thing the accident also took place only a few doors away from where my brother works.

6. Monday morning is a really quiet time in the local hospital Accident and Emergency Department

7. My lifelong streak of no broken bones continues (as the doctor said, the femur is a difficult bone to break, but when it does you know about it – I did not think anything was broken as I was limping, but thought it was good to check it out).

8. Thank heavens for the fact I was wearing a helmet. Note to any and all cyclists or potential cyclists who are reading this – helmets are good things. As of right now that is some of the best money I have ever spent.

Today I did get into work, and proved something of a struggle. Definitely not at the top of my game. Still, a hurdle crosses, and in theory tomorrow should be easier.

My bicycle is somewhat damaged, will find out in the next few days how badly so.


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