WoT (EU): Desert Campaign Special

This weekend’s special offer, which will run immediately after the Valentine offer, runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning, and it is a mammoth offer. It is themed around pretty much the entirely of the North African desert campaign. ‘

There are a total of fifteen tanks involved in this special, which I think is the most of any non-holiday special in recent times. Each tank has a 50% discount and a 70% earnings bonus. The tanks involved: Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panzer VI Tiger, Stug III, Valentine, Matilda, Crusader, Churchill I, M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart, M3 LeeM4 Sherman, M10 Wolverine, and M7 Priest. Most of these tanks are Tier IV or V, though there is one Tier II, one Tier III, and one Tier VII. Every class of tank in the game is represented, including some of the most popular. It is a great time to try some of these out or, if they are already in the garage, to take them out and earn some credits. I know I will be taking advantage of it with the M4 Sherman and Panzer III.

This is not all, however. Firstly each Patrol Duty medal earned will give the winner a twenty-five thousand credit bonus. Note the description in the special page for this medal differs slightly from the description elsewhere – and I would not trust it. You do not have to be the first vehicle to detect a tank for it to be applied – you have to be the vehicle currently detecting the enemy tanks when they are damaged.

Then there is a discount on short-term premium accounts (3 and 7 day), which does not interest me personally but others may find useful. There is also a 50% discount on camouflage, for both credits and gold. I might take advantage of this for credits – right now I have no free gold otherwise I would make permanent the camouflage on a few tanks.

Finally there will be double crew experience on each battle for the duration of the offer. I have said it before, this is my favourite element of almost any offer – working on a third crew does that. 🙂

Overall I have to rate this offer as a solid A – it is has a very strong theme, involves a rich mix of tanks, and has some very nice additional elements too. Literally there is nothing not to like as even those who play Soviet and French tanks will benefit very nicely from that double crew experience. Hopefully I will be on a win streak, not a loss streak, this weekend 😀


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