WoT (EU): Valentine Day Special

A quick little special for Valentine’s Day, that on the EU server runs from Thursday morning to Saturday morning. It is a very small offer, quirky, albeit in an obvious fashion.

Firstly there is a triple XP bonus on the first victory of the day, something always welcome. Secondly each Sniper medal will give an extra 550 experience.

As far as tanks go the regular Valentine (British Tier IV Light) and premium Valentine II (Soviet Tier IV Light) are on a 50% discount. Also the British regular Valentine has a 100% earnings bonus. I have not yet gotten the regular Valentine, but the premium tank I have enjoyed though it has been some time since I last took it out for a spin. It plays more like one of the KV-line heavies than anything else. The Valentine II also has preferential matchmaking and only sees Tier IV battles, but its weak gun can cause it difficulties.

Anyway, fairly obvious for Valentine’s Day to give an offer on Valentine tanks, but also quite fun if one is able not to take it very seriously – and really, a Valentine’s Day offer on an online tank game is not something one should take seriously! 😀


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