WoT (EU): Chinese New Year Special

This weekend’s special offer is the first Chinese-themed offer since the introduction of Chinese tanks. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning, and alongside the discounts and earnings bonus on a selection of Chinese tanks there is also some non-specific discounts and bonuses as well. What this is not, however, is a “New Year” offer like our own New Year offer (it looks like the SEA server – understandably – is making a bigger deal of it).

There are a total of seven tanks included in the offer, ranging from Tier IV to Tier VII. They are all available at a 50% discount and will have a 50% credits earnings bonus. They are the M5A1 Stuart, the 59-16, the WZ-131 (which is also February’s Tank of the Month, so does not get the extra 50% earnings bonus), the Type T-34, the Type 58, the T-34-1, and finally the IS-2. None of this has any relevancy for me of course, seeing as I have yet to play a single game in even the Tier I tank, but represented here are three lights, three mediums, and one heavy – so a good mixture of the different mid-tier Chinese tanks.

Next we have three 50% gold and credit discounts on Premium Ammunition, skill resets, and tank inscriptions. Certainly if one plays regularly with Premium ammo this would be a good weekend to stock up.

Steel Wall returns as the medal featuring in this offer – each award will give a 7000 credit bonus. Finally the first victory of the day in each vehicle bonus will be x3 for the duration of the offer, rather than the ordinary x2.

All in all I think this is a decent offer. It does feel slightly like a token nod in the direction of Chinese players on the EU server, given that it is fairly lacklustre compared to our own major holidays. Still, looking at the offer itself it is a good one, I would rate B+.


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