WoT (EU): Single-Tier Matchmaking

Over the last couple of months – but specifically since the  rolling arty hard-cap was deployed at the very end of December, I have noticed far fewer variation in Tiers present in my matches. This is particular true Tiers III-VI in my experience where I am starting to encounter matches where almost every (and sometimes every) tank is of the same tier. This was not a totally unknown phenomenon previously, but recently it has become an almost every-day occurrence. Even in higher tiers I am often seeing one Tier dominate a match providing 9-10 tanks, and then only a smattering of other tiers (scouts and SPGs included).

Do I think the arty-cap caused this? Well, not really. More I think the arty-cap helped me notice what was going on. If I were to make a guess it is because the number of people playing World of Tanks on the EU server has risen. When I started playing World of Tanks I only rarely saw a server size of 100k. Now I quite regularly see a server size of 160k. Also when waiting to start a battle I am regularly seeing hundreds of folks queued in Tier III-VI tanks, and often 1500-2000 overall. I reckon this simply means the matchmaker is finding it easy to fill out matches consisting mostly or entirely of the same tier. It may be that the rolling arty hard-cap is also encouraging this in some fashion – it is something which has a few unintended consequences.

On the whole I have no complaints about this phenomenon. While it does make some battles feel a little less varied, on the other hand an all same-Tier battle has a wonderful dynamic quite unlike any other battle in the game, and is also a lot of fun.

  1. Travis said:

    In spite of all the recent changes to match maker… it still remains incapable of producing even matches. While overall stats are not readily available the majority of matches are lopsided affairs where one team has very little chance to win.
    “High time players” will readily affirm that overall most matches end in scores of 5/15 – 7/15. The end result being that any skill, equipment or knowlege of the gameplay has only marginal positive effect for the player and a greater number of matches will result in ‘drubbings’ issued up by match maker on a consistent basis.
    Not many players will find this to be enjoyable for any length of time and are apt to choose other games where the outcomes are less dependent upon ‘the team you are given’ versus ‘how well you play’.
    Correcting this singular glarring flaw would propell WoT to ‘must have’ status for the majority of hard core gamers and casual players as well.

    • stnylan said:

      Thanks for the comment. Though I do not really agree with it.

      The “balanced matchmaker” is, I think, a mirage. There is always going to be a high chance that matches will play in an unbalanced fashion not because of anything that Wargaming can control, but because of the human factor. Great players can have really poor matches, and sometimes poor players have a match in which everything “clicks”. Then there is the snowball effect of how the loss sometimes or just or two tanks can quickly turn into many losses if a crucial flank has just been turned or so on. That is before one gets to the effects of the RNG in terms of where in the aiming circle something hits, and exact penetration and damage. While over time (hundreds of battles) it will average out in one particular battle it is easily possible to have a run of good or bad luck. In the event, I think it is possible to have a very close game which nevertheless has a lopsided “final score” – because the final score only represents what goes on in a match in the coursest possible way. I guess what I am saying that, no matter how much you muck around with the matchmaker (which will have lots of unanticipated consequences) I doubt it will address the problem.

      I also query how much of a problem this actually is. Usually people who are happy with a situation do not post on forums, or otherwise express their satisfaction in a way that can be measured from the outside. They express it by playing the game and spending money. The only metric to judge this by is the number of people who are logged in at any one moment – and the current trend there is currently up. To be sure some people will likely be quitting because of it – but I still feel the biggest challenge for Wargaming is to prevent newer players quitting at Tiers III/IV – which probably have more to do that at Tier IV there is the M3 Lee, Panzer 38 nA, A-20, and M5 Stuart – all of which provide challenges for new players either because they are scout tanks where the nature of the game suddenly drastically changes, or because people appear to have difficulty adjusting to a medium tank with a hull-mounted gun.

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