WoT (EU): French Prototype Special

This weekend’s special offer is based around a series of French Prototypes. I have the feeling this offer might be because, with the historically themed offers of late, the French have not had much of a look-in. As is usual this offer runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

This offer really consists of two parts – the first half concentrates on five French tanks, and the second half consists of various little bits and pieces that apply to everyone.

The French portion of the offer is a 50% discount and a 50% earnings bonus on the following tanks: AMX38 (Tier III light), ELC AMX (Tier V Light), Somua SAu-40 (Tier IV TD), ARL V39 (Tier VI TD), and Lorraine 155 50 (Tier VI SPG). I have to say I find this selection of tanks to be somewhat lacking: specifically I think it could have done with the addition of the BDR G1B – the Tier V Heavy – or its replacement instead of the AMX38. As it is the Somua SAu-40 is a great tank once you have the derp gun, but can be extremely frustrating until then. The AMX38 is a typical slower, well-armoured tank but with generally weaker firepower. I have no experience of the others. Also it is disappointing the credit bonus is down to 50% from the 70% it has been recently.

We then have a 15,000 credit bonus for each Defender medal that is won. Hopefully this will inspire folks to remember to turn back at opportune moments to stop an enemy from capping … but in reality probably not.

We have a 50% discount on putting emblems on tanks, regardless of whether one uses gold to make them permanent or credits to have the emblem only temporarily. This does not interest me, but those who are interested in cosmetics might wish to take note.

Finally we have two gold services also at a 50% discount – barracks enlargement and crew personal data changes (changing names and so on). Now the crew data changes is not something I have ever been interested in. Barracks enlargement can be useful if you wish to save a crew for user in a later tank, but sell the current tank now to free up a slot. It is not something I can do this time around, but I am considering getting another 16 slots at some point for just this reason.

That is it. I think, on balance, this is a somewhat poorer offer than we have had recently. I would rate it B-.

  1. Gank said:

    You guys get lousy specials. I’ve been wanting to grind up some tanks on the EU sever for a couple weeks but the NA specials are so good I’ve not bothered. It’s really, really bad lol. I feel for you.

    • stnylan said:

      Yes – it is semi-regular complaint on the EU forums! 😀

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