LOTRO: Helping Hytbold

The story of Hytbold is simple enough – it is a town ravaged by the war in Rohan which Eomer asks us to help rebuild. Rebuilding a town takes a lot of work – and LOTRO certainly manages to make it feel like it! Gameplay wise this is meant to be the solo-endgame content of the Riders of Rohan expansion – a nice time-consuming project which gives one a real sense of achievement.

Game mechanics-wise each day you can do give quests which fall under the heading of “Aiding the Eastemnet”. In each of Harwick, Cliving, Eaworth, and Snowbourn there are three quest-givers which give out four quests between them. They each have a selection of different quests which they cycle through. Each quests give reputation of the faction to that area of Rohan, and also 5 tokens of Hytbold. Back in Hytbold itself there are a number of people who have quests to rebuild this or that area of the town, and each of those quests costs a number of Hytbold tokens. Some quests are reputation locked to being Ally or Kindred with the four factions of the Eastemnent.

Given one is limited to 5 quests a day, or to 25 tokens a day, that means a lot of grinding. Actually though it is not quite that bad, so long as one does not regard the quests as an obligation. I have been dawdling along with the quests. Hytbold is far from rebuilt, but two or three times a week I usually go through them. It provides a very nice bite-sized chunk of playtime with a definite goal.

Nevertheless when one is playing a bit more casually, as I am, there is no doubt this is going to take some time. It makes me feel that, after the next expansion, Hytbold is something that is likely to be missed for most characters and will become another piece of endgame littering the landscape after a rise in levelcap.

  1. I think you’re right about that last thing. It’s the same as the Limlight Gorge in that regard. Something to keep us busy while waiting for new content to arrive. Still, depending on class and set bonuses, it might be nice for some to still get it. For me as a lore-master for instance, the set bonuses are everything (and to a certain extent more important than stats). The armour will also be something to get before getting into the new raid just to have sufficient stats.

    • stnylan said:

      That is certainly true and I know at least one person, who is not really into dungeons/raids, who is actually quite excited to be able to get an “armour-set” since it is not usually something she can.

      I wonder though … Thror’s Combe, Limlight Gorge, Hytbold – there is a definite trend for Turbine producing content to “keep things ticking over” that is not actual end-game. With the delay of the larger parts of the instance cluster to this year rather than last it does make me wonder if Turbine is quite in control of their own endgame.

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