WoT: 4000

Today I played my  4000th battle in World of Tanks. I made sure to do it in my Marder II, and came out victorious. Rather neatly of those 4000 battles 2200 have been victories – exactly 55%.

Four thousand battles sounds like a lot, but in reality there are plenty of players with several times more battles than me. Also, only 315 of my battles have been in Tier VIII tanks – so my top-tier experience is profoundly limited. If there is something I hope to change in the next 1000 battles or so it is to get better at facing the higher tier tanks. There are still plenty of weakspots I know nothing about.

At my current rate of play I would expect to get to 5000 battles in 3-4 months’ time.

The other interesting thing I have realised in the last few months is that, putting aside my specific lack of top-tier exposure, I have begun the transition to being a more experienced player. The maps are increasingly known and the flow of a match has increasingly has a familiar rhythm. One cannot claim to be a newbie forever. Fortunately, I am not yet a bitter-vet 😀

Here is looking forward to one-year anniversary in March!


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