WoT (EU): Africa – Beginning of the End Special

This weekend’s special on the EU server is tied to the anniversary of the fall of Tripoli to the troops of the Eighth Army seventy years ago. Like most EU server offers it runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

To begin with there is a 15,000 credit bonus for each time you earn the Invader medal. The size of the bonus no doubt reflects the relative difficulty of winning the medal – as you need to earn 80 of the 100 capture points it is very easy to miss out by relatively few points. Given the way I generally play I seriously doubt that I will be benefiting from this.

Next we have six tanks (two each British, American, and German) which are on a 50% discount to buy, and with a 70% earnings bonus. They are Panzer VI Tiger, Panzer III, M4 Sherman, M3 Lee, Matilda, and Crusader. The Panzer III, M4 Sherman, and M3 Lee I can all recommend as being thoroughly enjoyable (though treat the M3 Lee more like a TD than a regular medium otherwise one can be disappointed). I have found the lend-lease version of the Matilda, the Matilda IV, to be very enjoyable too but I cannot actually speak to the Tier IV British version. Also I have no experience with the iconic Tiger.

There is also a 50% discount on the cosmetic inscriptions one can place on your tanks. This applies to both credits and gold. Myself I have never seen the need to bother, but your mileage may vary. If it is something you would like to try, now is a good time.

More usefully there is a 50% discount on all regular and premium consumables. I think I am fairly well covered, but if not this is an excellent time to stock up.

Finally the first victory in every tank has a triple experience bonus (instead of the usual double), which is always a nice little feature.

Overall I would rate this as another strong offer, with a good clear historical theme. The only potential fly in the ointment is no TDs or SPGs included in the offer, but even so it is difficult to complain. Even for those playing Soviet and French tanks mostly the consumable discount and x3 bonus means there is something for everyone.



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