Skyrim: Back to the North

Back around the time of Melian’s birth I started to play Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (it was a present). I then didn’t play it for months. Around the start of January I began playing again, and have played every day apart from when I have recently been ill.

When starting up a game I have previously played, like everyone else I am faced with a choice: continue where one has left off, or start over. I must admit it did not take me very long to decide – there was no way I was going to try to sort out the mess of my previous character, with questlines galore and skills all over the place. So I simply deleted all my old save games, and started again.

The actual character I am playing is very similar – once again I decided to go along the Warrior route, sword and shield and heavy armour. It is something of a tradition of mine for fantasy RPGs that I usually play a simple warrior-type the first time I play through a game.

I have, however, made a significant change in my gameplay: I am being much more focused in what I do. While I will pick up quest-lines, I am only progressing a very few. My first focus was to do the initial quests around the “main questline” (as I think of it) up to and including the quests around the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Along the way I have done some sideline quests (mostly bounty quests which I have usually picked up in inns). I am now working my way through the Companion quest-line.

So far out of the main holds and settlements I have visited Riverwood, Whiterun, Ivarstead, Morthal, Kynesgrove, and Windhelm. I am probably going to make a visit to Riften next, as I have both a Companion quest and a bounty quest down that way. However, again while I expect to pick up various quests in Riften, mostly they will be “parked” until later, to be done when otherwise convenient.

I am now Level 18 – which is somewhat around the level of my previous character, and I am feeling a lot better. I have a series of goals, from the short-term (clear out Treva’s Watch), medium-term (join the Imperial Legion), and longer-term (there is this nasty dragon called Alduin out there). The real success though is in the short-term goals – each night I decide what I want to do that night. Often it is quite small, such as run one dungeon. Sometimes it is more relaxed even than that, one night I spent the forty minutes or so I could in the game sorting out my house in Whiterun and doing some smithing, while another I spent just journeying from Whiterun to Ivarstead.

Hopefully this can continue for some time yet, because I am really having a lot of fun.

  1. Cool to rad that you’re back into Skyrim again! I’ve been thinking that I should do the same now we have Dawnguard. Just leave my bugged-in-the-main quest characters behind and start over. It’s a beautiful world, after all.

    • stnylan said:

      Bugged in the main quest? Sounds downright annoying.

      I am just playing with vanilla at the moment, but will probably acquire Dawnguard/Hearthfire/Dragonborn at some point if I am still playing at a point I think makes them worthwhile.

      • Bought Dawnguard cheap on a Steam sale, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it myself. I’m still curious what it’s like, though. I’ll post when I get around to checking it out.

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