WoT (EU): The Siege of Leningrad is Broken Special

So this weekend’s special offer is themed around the breaking of the Siege of Leningrad, and I have to say this seems to be a great special to get back into tanking after a few days when looking at a computer screen made my head spin and my stomach turn. It runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

Four tanks historically active at the breaking of the Siege have been singled out for special treatment this special: the KV-1S, SU-76, Panzer IV, and Stug III. These four vehicles are available at 50% their regular price, and will earn 70% more credits than usual. I still have both the KV-1S and Panzer IV in my garage, so will definitely take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra credits.

There is then a 7000 credit bonus for each time one earns a Steel Wall Battle Achievement. This is earned if you survive the battle, and have been hit at least 11 times with more than 1000 potential damage.

We also have a 25% discount on all forms of camouflage, both credit and gold, so it is a good opportunity to camo up some tanks.

Finally crew experience is doubled for each battle during the offer – and this is my single favourite part of the special, as it can really make a difference is advancing along those crews.

Overall this is a good offer with a strong theme, but plenty to offer players whose tanks are not involved in the tank-specific portion of the offer.

  1. Gank said:

    …but you have no discounted premium tank 😦

    I was gonna buy the Dicker Max (or something else for cheap) for my EU account (it’s 50% off in NA) but no such luck.

    • stnylan said:

      No – it is a point of some contention as you may or may not have noticed, the EU forum is generally convinced we get the worst special offers ever. Seeing as there is nothing we can do about it I do not bother getting worked up about it being true/not true.

      If you do play a bit on the EU server though, and we are both online, perhaps we can platoon? Would be fun to fight alongside you.

      • Gank said:

        Yea, that would be great! So far I’m not having much fun ‘starting over’ and worry about credits and bad crews again 😦

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