WoT: 8.3 released

While I have been ill 8.3 has been released. The patch notes do not hold any surprises. This update is an entirely two-trick beast – the introduction of Chinese tanks and the SPG nerf. I do not really have anything much to say about either that I have not already said.

Overall I cannot feel very excited by 8.3. Partly that is the lingering effects of being ill, but partly when the update itself consists only a tech-tree that does not especially interest me and a game-wide nerf of one of the five tank classes, well, it just is not a very exciting update. Indeed, the scale of the SPG nerf makes the update feel somewhat negative (I realise arty-haters probably view it differently, but that is a different argument).

  1. Gank said:

    I fired up my SU-14 last nigh and in my first game, with my first shot i one-shotted an E50. What nerf? 😉

    I went on to get 3 kills. You are more vulnerable now but whenever a tank broke through to the back line I assumed I was dead anyway. It’s the balance most people wanted- less arty per match- and that isn’t going to be affected immediately by this change.

    • stnylan said:

      I look forward to causing more tears in my Hummel then 🙂 Though I will need to get better at moving after each shot, as I seem to get counter-artied semi-frequently.

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