WoT: Underestimated in the Jagdpanzer IV

I have just sold my Jagdpanzer IV to make way for the Jagdpanther. I am actually sorry to see the tank go, because it was an altogether excellent tank.

Now, the Jagdpanzer IV is generally regarded to be the weakest tank in the German TD line. Not having played them all I cannot comment, but I have ready various unflattering descriptions of the tank in which several pejorative adjectives usually get assigned to it. However my own experience, one again, is this is a tank which does not deserve its negative reputation. Indeed, I think a large part of the dislike for this tank relates to the early battles. This tank needs the tracks upgrading right from the start, but once those are done and the better weapons start to be installed, well, this vehicle starts to shine.

I also think one reason why people do not like this tank is that they expect it to be able to take a lot of punishment. This is not the case. This is not really an assault gun – it is an ambush tank destroyer. This is not to say it is defenceless – it can bounce plenty of shots from its front, but one cannot rely on it. To make up for this it has a low profile, and with a little careful positioning it actually becomes quite hard to hit. Generally speaking I always assumed I could be penetrated by anything Tier VI, and by some Tier Vs.

What this tank does retain from its predecessor the Stug III is mobility. It has an easy ability to relocate, to attack from another angle or even redeploy to a different area of the field. The guns have a fairly high rate of fire, and usually I have found it possible to get two shots off before moving. However, do not get wedded to this idea, as circumstances do not always permit it.

One thing some folks may not like about this tank is, regardless which battle tier the match is, one is a supporting vehicle.  You do not have the speed to be in the forward wave, or the armour and hit points to push. While you can be in the front-line on a defensive flank, alone the chances are you will die like all solo TDs. Supporting however does not mean unimportant. Often one has a chance to make a critical difference.

The Jagdpanzer IV is under-estimated by many who come up against it. This can be exploited, and it is one reason why one should support other tanks. Quite often I find people will attack the heavy rather than me, thinking I cannot do them much damage. Often I prove them wrong.

My final record in the Jagdpanzer IV is 57 matches, with 34 victories and 88 kills. I had three Sniper and two Top Gun medals – and one Radley-Walters (my second one). That is an indication of what can be achieved. As I said at the start, I am sorry to see it go.


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