WoT (EU): Light Tank Frenzy Special

This weekend’s special offer has a focus on light tanks and, despite the name, artillery. Artillery and light tanks – especially the dedicated scout tanks – are at once both natural foes and symbionts (depending if they are on the same or opposing teams) so it is great to see them both catered for together. The offer runs from Saturday morning until Tuesday morning.

The first aspect of the offer is a 5000 credit bonus for the Scout medal. The Scout medal is earned to a player who detects nine or more enemy vehicles, and whose team wins. I rather suspect this medal might lead to an increase in “suicide scouting”, which is when a tank charges into the middle of the enemy base early on, lighting up as many as possible, in the hopes of earning the extra credits. I would love Wargaming to say whether or not something like this happened, but I seriously doubt they ever will.

Next there is a 50% discount on the following tanks – the A-20, M5 Stuart, Panzer 38 nA, Covenanter, and the ELC AMX. These are all Tier IV tanks, apart from the ELC AMX which is Tier V. They are all scout tanks, apart from the Covenanter which does not count as it only has the regular Tier IV matchmaking. I have played the A-20 and Panzer 38 nA. In truth I cannot properly comment on the latter, it was so long ago. I hated the tank at the time, but then I have only just started to “get” scout tanks. The A-20 I also didn’t like. As a scout tank it has one great weakness – it does not have a tight turn. I may choose this moment to acquire the M5 Stuart, but I am not sure. There is also a 50% discount on the 105 leFH18B2, the only premium SPG currently in the game.

Next it is the turn of the artillery – a 70% earnings bonus on all the Tier V SPGs – the Hummel, M41, SU-8, and AMX-13 F3 AM. This is a very nice little bonus, and I will probably try to get a few matches on my Hummel to take advantage. Of course I am also dancing to Wargaming’s tune, since they want the arty to come out so the light tanks have their natural foe. Of course, given the arty hard-cap now in place this could play merry hell with the matchmaker, and to be honest I am actually interested to see how it all works out.

Finally there is a 50% discount on both credit and gold skill resets for crew this week.

All in all this is a solid, thematic, offer. With the earnings bonus to the SPGs one can make an argument to say the SPGs will benefit more – a last hurrah before the nerf incoming in 8.3.




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