WoT: Looking ahead to 2013

So, what does 2013 hold in store for World of Tanks?

Well, we know something of Wargaming’s plans. In the immediate future, of course, in the 8.3 update there will be the introduction of the Chinese tech tree and an artillery rebalance (nerf). This will probably happen later this month.

Peering further ahead, most of my information comes from Silenstalker’s Q&A thread and blog. British tank destroyers, a second German medium line, British SPGs, and a stretching of the artillery lines to Tier X are all in the offing, more or less in that order. Apparently the British SPG line will be introduced in the new Tier X format, which means the “stretching” will either occur in the same update they are released, or in a previous update. In total this means three, perhaps four, updates after 8.3.

That takes us, at the very least, into the second half of the year. Trying to make predictions beyond is frankly quite silly, in large part because I doubt Wargaming themselves know what their plans are going to be. There are a few things that are likely on the radar however.

Firstly they have expressed a desire to try to get the Japanese tank tree launched late in the year. Secondly, we should expect new maps at various points – I seem to recall 10 new maps being mentioned. Finally, their next game World of Warplanes is due to launch at some point in 2013, and this should tie into Clan Wars. Various mentions have been made about ordering air-strikes and things like that. Whether anything like this would find its way into random matches or Company battles, or indeed how it would be implemented, is still very unknown.

As to what else the future might hold in 2013, I honestly have no idea.


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