WoT: A new rotation

So with the new year I have slightly amended how I intend to work through my tanks. The essentials remain the same, I have a set group of tanks I try to get one victory on per day. The rest of my tanks I have made into various groups, and then I work through one tank per group. I am going to go through all of this in some detail, to try and show how I manage owning a large number of tanks whilst also having a desire to try and play most of them from time to time. While this system will likely continue to undergo revision, it works for me.

Daily Tanks
(in order of play)

Marder II – My “main” tank, the one I still love despite the nerfs.
KV-5 – My birthday present and primary credit-earner
German Tier VII+ – Currently vacant this will be the Jagdpanther once I acquire it
Other Tier VII+ – Currently KV-4
Tank of the Week – either a tank in the Premium or Keepsake groups. Chosen pretty much just by what I want to play that week. This week it is the Panzer IV

German Group
This group consists of all my German vehicles that I am either currently researching, or which are currently the top-tier vehicles of this line. It does not include the line which has an entry in the Daily Vehicles.

VK1602 Leopard
Jagdpanzer IV

Primary Research Group
This group is limited to a maximum of five tanks from different lines, and are either tanks I am researching or elited tanks which I am not currently intending to keep, but which I am still actively training the crew.

M4 Sherman – elited but training crew to 100% for Brothers in Arms perk
SU-85B – Soviet TD line.
KV-1S – Soviet IS-Heavy line.
S-35 CA – French TD line
T1 HT – American Heavy line.

Secondary Research Group
This group contains other tanks I am actively researching, but in lines I am currently putting at a lower priority give the time constraints of the day. Currently this has only two tanks in it.

SU-18 – Soviet SPG line
T82 – This spot is being used by tanks I am currently playing for my Tier III Project.

Keepsake Group
This is the group of tanks I am currently keeping. The Panzer IV may eventually drop off this list and be replaced, but I have not yet decided.

Panzer III
Cruiser Mk III
Panzer IV

Premium Group
These are my Premium tanks, excluding the KV-5.

Matilda IV
Pz 38H 735f
Churchill III
Valentine II
Pz B2 740f

Tertiary Group
These are tanks I am not currently researching or progressing the crews, for one reason or another. Most of these tanks belong to the Tier III Project, and when I have completed what I wish to do on the T82 these will be cycled through the Secondary group.

AMX 38
Cruiser Mk II
Medium Mk III
Panzer II Luchs
M3 Stuart

The way this all works is I try to work through the Daily tanks first. Then the current tank in the German group, and then the current tank in the Primary Research Group. Then I play the current tank in either the Secondary, Keepsake, or Premium group – which I decide pretty much on an ad hoc basis, but with a priority to the Secondary group. If I manage to get a first victory on the current tank in each group, and I still want to play, well basically then I do whatever I want.

Within each group I generally do three victories, or five matches, whichever comes first, before moving down to the next tank in the group.

The thing is – none of this is hard and fast. Today, for example, I played a match on my SU-18 out of sequence, because I suddenly wanted to play something a bit different from what I had just played. The above therefore is really a way to help me organise my play, but is a guideline and is not written in stone. So far it is working.


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