WoT: You know things are bad …

When you are a bottom-tier tank in a battle, and still top the xp chart in a battle.



It has been that sort of day for me in World of Tanks.

This particular battle was an Encounter battle on Himmelsdorf – my team was had the northern starting position. I think the M4 Sherman is made for action in the hill in this battle due to its gun depression, and I like to think I made a real pain of myself for the two KV-1Ss, Stug III, SU-152, and T-43. I wasn’t the only tank defending the hill of course, but it wasn’t terribly pretty.

Despite the loss it was actually an enjoyable game from the point of view of my own performance. When you reach a point when you know the chances are you are going to die (a KV-1S, SU-152, and T-43 against little me is only going to end one way) it becomes quite liberating. One of my two kills was the remaining KV-1S, and then the other two got me.


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