WoT (EU): Winter Resupply Special

So, the first regular special offer of 2013 is rolling into town. It runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. After all the glamorous offers of the Christmas season this weekend’s affair is distinctly ordinary – but then, that is what it is meant to be! When not comparing to the exceptional specials it is a solid offer, with some discounts and some credit earning bonuses.

Firstly there is a six thousand credit bonus for when you win a Sniper medal. As I recall the last time we got a credit bonus with the Sniper medal it was only five thousand. Looking forward to it.

Five tanks can be purchased at a 50% discount: M4A3E8 Sherman, VK3001H, T-34-85, AMX 12t, and the Cromwell. These are all Tier VI tanks (all are mediums apart from the AMX 12t which is a light). I may see if I can get the Easy Eight with this discount, but given I am not advancing further in the USA medium line just now I may also just wait.

The Cromwell is also January’s Tank of the Month and has a 30% earning bonus associated with that offer. The other four tanks named above have a 70% earnings bonus in this offer – presumably the Cromwell does not so it avoids having two bonuses.

So, nothing very exciting particularly about this offer. Unexceptional, but solid, is I think how it is best described.

Edit: I missed this, but there is a 50% discount on premium ammo this offer too. Expect alot of gold shells to be flying about.


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