WoT: A premium re-evaluation

I generally am hesitant to describe myself as a “good” World of Tanks player, largely because despite my somewhat flattering stats I do not yet believe this to be true. I am more comfortable with seeing myself as “above average”. One reason for this is I still think my knowledge of the game is quite lacking in some areas.

One of these areas is premium tanks, or more specifically the crew-training abilities of premium tanks.

I have known for ages that players used premium tanks to train their crews, but I never really understood how. Even though I acquired various premium tanks myself, I had them all with separate crews, and basically just ignored the issue.

Then I happened to watch one of Gank’s youtube videos (this one I think) when I saw him actually do this in progress, and suddenly i felt really stupid that I had not realised that is what everyone was talking about all this time.

Essentially what Gank did was send the crew of one of his regular tanks to barracks, and then use them to crew the premium tank. Usually when crew trained to one tank is used in a different tank there is a hefty penalty to the crew effectiveness, essentially meaning it is never done. Crews in premium tanks, so long as they are of the same class as the premium (light, heavy, medium, TD, or SPG) do not suffer this penalty.

As I said, I basically felt like a bit of a dunce. In the main I haven’t lost out too much – with the exception of my KV-5 crew which has well onto its second skill. For most of my premiums I have simply ditched the crew (this is T-25, Matilda LL, Churchill LL, Pz 38H735f, Valentine LL) I have dismissed the crews. With the KV-5 I retrained all but the second loader to my KV-1S. Finally with the Pz B2 740f I have yet done nothing, but I will retrain three of the crew members to my Tiger P to start training them up. The fourth crew member (a second driver) I will retrain to the Panzer VI Tiger as and when I purchase it. My T1E6 I had not yet crewed, so nothing needs to be done there.

Just a useful reminder there is generally always something else to learn.

  1. Gank said:

    Yea, it seems so obvious but I totally missed it too. Took me ages to realize what everyone was talking about with ‘crew training’. That’s why I made a point to put it in the video- just in case there were others missing out!

    • stnylan said:

      Well I am very glad you did so 🙂

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