WoT: For the Record

Silentstalker is a member of the EU forums has a long running thread in which he provides translations of the World in Tanks devs on the Russian forums.

He has now started a blog, For the Record, which will do the same (for the time being he is going to cross-post in both thread and blog). If you are interested at all in where the game will be in the future, this is a must-read (unless, of course, you understand Russian yourself and can read the dev posts without aid).

One of the things I especially like about his write-ups is that Silentstalker is very open about when he is not quite sure of the translation, and is more than happy to hold up his hand and admit he got it wrong if he makes a mistake in translation. He is also very easy to ask questions too, and generally performs a very useful community service.

Which is why, basically, I felt I should make this post.



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