WoT: New tan

I am not going to do a full special post for the various specials that have been ongoing during the Christmas and New Year period, mostly because I missed the start of it all being on holiday and most of what I would write would be utterly irrelevant. I will just say that I think the holiday offers have been very good indeed.

Through the good graces of my brother I was able to get some tanks at a discount however: The Tiger P, the S-35 CA, the SU-85B, and the VK3601H. Subsequently I also bought the SU-18 though not at a discount (I had run out of garage slots and didn’t feel it was fair to my brother to ask him to rejig my garage, and besides, it is not like a Tier II tank costs all that much).

I have started playing the S-35 CA and the SU-85B immediately. The Tiger P is awaiting me to also acquire the Panzer VI Tiger itself, as I wish to compare those two tanks more or less as I play them. The VK3601H is awaiting my decision on the Panzer IV – if I do sell the Panzer IV I will start using that crew in this tank. If not it will have to wait until I have finished with the VK3001H (this could mean a very long time until I am playing the Tiger P). The SU-18 I will be starting imminently.

Currently I am taking advantage of the final element of the holiday specials – a x5 experience on the first victory of the day for each vehicle – to push along some research and some crew training, though focusing on the research. Apart from anything it has proved a good way to get through a lot of the tanks in my garage as a welcoming home sort of party, as it were. In other words, I am having fun.

Meanwhile right now there is also a 50% discount on equipment (which I have taken advantage of for the new tanks and also adding Coated Optics to my Panzer III and VK1602 Leopard), and also for consumables (meaning I have stocked up on the regulars). I am also considering acquiring more Binocular Telescopes and another Toolbox – this would give me a complete second set of the removable equipment (I already have a second Camo Net) to allow me greater flexibility when I exit a battle to play on another tank.


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