WoT: A few more milestones

Just some milestones I have passed in the last few days.

1 – 2000th victory, won earlier tonight.

2 – The ingame statistics started to display my win-rate as 55%. It rounds, so in reality this is something like 54.6%.

3 – My overall efficiency rating crested 1200 for the first time. Technically this is supposed to mean I am in the top 10% of players. I do not believe that for a second. Sometime I am really going to have to get around to writing a post about the efficiency rating and its weaknesses. Nevertheless, it is not totally useless and it is widely used, so good to see it go over that threshold (though in reality I will probably bounce around it for a short while, as that is what seems to happen).

4 – I have a total of 4 million credits for the first time. Early on in the New Year I am going to be purchasing several new tanks so that will reduce. Until then going to still amass the credits.

5 – Awarded the “Hunter” award for killing 100 vehicles based on the Panther, Tiger, and Tiger II.

All in all it seems I am ending my World of Tanks playing in 2012 on something of a high point.



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