WoT: Odd Achievements in a Marder II

A few days ago I had something of a surprise in the after-battle report when I returned to my garage after playing a Tier III match in my Marder II on the Province map. The match itself had gone very well – a victory with a base capture for my side (which started on the west-side of the map). I knew I had a good match – 5 kills makes it a good match. Of course, in a Tier III match I should be doing well, but even so it is always nice to do so. I didn’t expect to get any medals though. I was one away from Top Gun, and on Province I rarely seem to get Sniper (too easy to hit cover that is partially obscuring the tanks one is aiming at). Indeed, I earned neither of these medals. Instead I earned Scout and Patrol Duty.

Scout is a medal one receives if one is on the winning team, and is the first to detect nine or more enemy tanks. To date I have only ever won this medal on my VK1602 Leopard, usually as the result of a bit of suicide scouting (though not always). Patrol Duty is a new medal that was introduced in the 8.0 update. It is awarded to a player who is the sole spotter of six or more enemy tanks when they get damaged by another tank. This is the first Patrol Duty medal I have earned.

Looking at both medals these are clearly designed for tanks in a scouting role. I never, ever expected to have gotten either on a tank destroyer. Perhaps in a medium in certain matches. Possibly maybe in one of the very fast American TDs. Not, however, on the Marder II. I am still not quite entirely certain how it happens – only that there are a couple of very useful bushes on the ridge that a Marder can very easily hide in. Add in the effect of the camouflage skill, the camouflage I have purchased, and boosts to my viewing range (Brothers in Arms perk, Binocular Telescopes) and low-viewing ranges of most other tanks in a Tier III match (due to low skill levels) and clearly it did happen.

Now I want to try to earn one or both of these medals on the Marder II again. Always nice to have a challenge!

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  1. mrrx said:

    Must be the extra equipment and skills. Very nice !

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