WoT: Impressions of 8.2

Overall the 8.2 update was a fairly light update. Therefore I feel I do not have really all that much substantial to say about it. Nevertheless I do have some overall comments on the update, both positive and negative.

Firstly I have hardly encountered any of the new American tanks. Therefore I simply cannot comment on them at all, not even as a target.

The re-rendered maps do look very nice. At first I found the minimap of Erlenburg to look very weird, but I think I have gotten used to it now. The reworked technology tree also looks alot slicker with lots of the empty space removed. It manages, however, to avoid looking cluttered which is very gratifying. There appear to be some moderate changes to parts of the terrain on some of these maps – else my memory is deceiving me – which I have not fully worked out yet.

I haven’t seen many people making use of the fact that fallen trees now provide cover like bushes. I have made use of this new feature here and there, though it is still very much a learning process to work out how best to manage this.

I do not like the various name changes of the various tanks. I really wish Wargaming would choose a name and stick to it. The only three name changes I really understand why it happened are the three Soviet Lend-Lease vehicles to help distinguish them from the now common regular British versions. This little change actually irritates me a very great deal.

And … yeah, that pretty much cleans me out of things I want to say about 8.2 right now. As I said, nothing really all that substantial.



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