WoT: Initiating the Tier IV Project

Although the Tier III project is of course ongoing (having just started), on several of the lines I do not wish to stop myself from moving further down them after I have completed the Tier III tanks. Therefore I am going to running my Tier IV Project more or less at the same time. The Tier IV Project has one minor difference to the Tier II and III Projects in that it will exclude more than just the SPGs. The dedicated scout tanks (in other words, the tanks whose matchmaking enters them into battles more than two Tiers above), will be excluded. In effect they will be in a separate project.

The other difference is that it is possible I will not retain any further Tier IV tanks. The reason for this is simple enough – I already have four “permanent” Tier IV tanks. These are the Hetzer, Panzer B2 740f, Panzer III and Valentine LL. If I do wish to retain a tank it will need to be somewhat distinctive from all of these – and these four cover a fairly large range of different sorts of playstyle. The Hetzer is a tank-destroyer, but for its tier a fairly well-armoured one (from the front, anyway). The Panzer B2 is a heavy tank that handles more like a light-medium tank. The Panzer III is a medium tank that can fulfil the roll of a heavy scout to perfection. The Valentine LL is a light tank that acts far more like a heavy tank with decent all-around armour.

The Tier IV tanks I have already played and not retained that would be counted as part of this project are the M3 Lee, T-28  and Somua SAu-40 (the A-20 and Pz 38 nA counting as scout tanks). This leaves the AMX 40, B1, Covenanter, Valentine, Matilda, SU-85B, T40, and M8A1. My intention with the Tier IV tanks is to play at least twenty matches in each of them.


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