WoT (EU): 21st Army Group to the South Special

This weekend’s special offer is loosely tied into the Battle of the Bulge – the last German counter-offensive in the West, and one of the final German offensives of the war. It is also an offer themed around tier VI tanks, and the reason why I call it loosely themed on the Battle of the Bulge is that it includes a number of vehicles that did not take part in that battle. It runs from Saturday morning until Tuesday morning.

To begin with there is a 50% discount on purchasing the Cromwell and the Churchill VII tanks – the British Tier VI medium and heavy tanks respectively. There is also a 50% credit earning bonus on both these tanks, and also one Tier VI tank for each nation – the KV-1S, the VK3001H, the M4A3E8, and the ARL 44. Apart from the M4A3E8 none of these of course served on the Western front. I would guess the VK3001H is included as in the tech-tree it is the forerunner of the Panther (which did participate), and otherwise it is just a case of picking a Tier VI tank for both the Russians and French. I will definitely ensure to take advantage of the extra credits in my KV-1S and VK3001H.

There is also a 50% discount on crew resets for both gold and credits. Given I have just done a credit reset of the crew of my Marder II, which was the only reset I was planning, this does not matter to me.

What does however is there is also double crew experience for each battle throughout this special. This is now my favourite item on any special, and I will certainly be getting some games in on my Marder II to take advantage. Researching a third crew skill is expensive in terms of experience. After the reset they are now at 62%, and according to a skill calculator it will take about 700k experience for them to reach 100%. In other words, every boost is welcome.


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