WoT/Blog: A change of names

In the 8.2 update a number of tanks underwent name changes – in particular some of the lower-tier British tanks and the M36 Jackson/Slugger. The cases where the names have completely changed from what I have been using – for example the A13 Mk I is now the Cruiser Mk III and the M36 given earlier – I will be updating to the new name. Where the new name is just a relatively slight alteration from the old one – T1 HT becomes T1 Heavy – I will be keeping the older name for my tags, and most likely in my writing too.

Generally speaking I have to say I dislike this change in nomenclature. On balance I prefer the style of the abbreviations (T1 HT compared to T1 Heavy) – this is possibly an Aspergic/systemising aspect of me.

Since I am going to be going through a pile of blog posts anyway I also intending to add a tag to all my various themes of post – the tank reports, battle reports, monthly reports, and posts associated with the Tier II project. This will likely take a while to do.


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