WoT: On a losing streak

A ten-game losing streak to be precise, on my KV-5 and KV-4 (five games apiece), at which point I have just decided to call it a night. Clearly the odds are against me tonight – it happens, albeit very rarely in a ten-game run.

As to the games themselves it has been a mixed bag. In a couple I must admit I played quite poorly. Another couple. well, it could have gone either way with two fairly evenly matched teams. Those losses are easier to take – either because I know I only have myself to blame or because it was nevertheless a good match. The ones that are difficult is the Encounter battle we lost because three heavy tanks on our side apparently didn’t know how to reset the counter. When they happen several all at once, well, sometimes rather than get worked up about it is better to stop playing and so something else.

Like write about it in one’s blog 🙂

Still, better than spewing some silly insults in game chat or in the forum.

In another brief note, I have to say I am not at all sure I like some of the new naming conventions for certain British and American tanks in the new update.


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