WoT: Tier II Project Complete

Quite some time ago now I set myself a project of experimenting with all non-SPG Tier II tanks, with the aim of retaining one or two to be an addition Tier II keepsake along with my Pz 38H 735f. This has progressed along with fits and starts, and along the way I came to two realisations. I did not wish to retain a tank destroyer – already having two lower-tier TDs on trainer (my Marder II and Hetzer). I also realised I didn’t want anything at Tier II that played too similarly to my Pz 38H 735f. During this time period British tanks have been released, which added three new tanks to the mix. Chinese tanks would have added one more – but as their release has been delayed I am excluding them from this project.

In the course of this I have played the RenaultFT AC, T18, AT-1, M2 LT, D1, Hotchkiss H35, Cruiser Mk III, Medium Mk II, and Cruiser Mk I. Previous to taking up this project I had already played the Panzer II, Panzer 35t, Panzerjäger I, BT-2, T-26, and T2 MT.

Most of the tanks I played I got along with fairly well. The glaring exception was the D1, which I pretty much loathed. It did make choosing which one to retain rather difficult, but in the end I choose the Cruiser Mk III. Something really clicked with me with this tank. It is fairly speedy and agile, and has good gun depression. Its armour is fairly thin, but has some interesting angles which means the odd bounce is not out of the question. The 40mm Pom Pom gun can pack quite a punch and also allows me to practice dashing out – firing four quick shots – and ducking in for reload.

The other tanks I seriously considered, but eventually rejected, were the Panzer II, AT-1, T18, and M2 LT. The T18 in particular tested my aspiration to keep an “ordinary” tank from Tier II very hard, and I had something of an emotional attachment to the Panzer II since it was one of the earliest tanks I got to like. However, I have discovered something of a dislike to multi-shot auto-loaders (as opposed to single-shot like the 40mm Pom Pom on the A13 Mk I) – and so ultimately that caused me to let it go.

I will now be moving onto trying out all the non-SPG Tier IIIs that I have yet played, but that will be the subject of another post.

NB: Some names in this post have been updated to reflect the new names in the 8.2 update

  1. Gank said:

    The AT-1 is a beast of a tank and one of my favorite little tank destroyers. Fully upgraded it’s a killing machine.

    • stnylan said:

      I certainly liked it – but having ruled out tank-destroyers it kind of ruled out it. I think the T18 can hold its own though – the front armour is very impressive for the tier.

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