WoT: Onto Tier III

I had a lot of fun with my Tier II project, so now I am going to continue it on to its logical next step – playing through every non-SPG Tier III vehicle. One of these I will retain again as a keepsake of the tier. Of course, I have already played a number of Tier III vehicles and one Tier III vehicle I have retained in my garage and play a very great deal: my Marder II. I have another Tier III in my garage which will be the “slot” that the keepsake Tier III eventually occupies. This is the Panzer II Luchs – and it may be that this is the tank I will eventually keep. The other Tier III non-SPG tanks I have played are the Panzer III Ausf. A, Renault UE 57, BT-7, Panzer 38t, T-46, and M2 MT.

My intention currently is not to retain a tank destroyer, though I will play through the TDs. I already have a tank destroyer which I am definitely going to keep. So I am looking for a light or medium tank. Of the ones I have already played I might possibly reacquire the T-46 and M2 MT to see how they compare with the other tanks. The others I will probably not.

So, currently this means the tanks I will be playing as part of this project are the D2, AMX 38, M3 Stuart, T82, SU-76, Medium Mk III, Cruiser Mk II, and Cruiser Mk IV. Unlike in my Tier II project I am intending to play a minimum number of games in all these tanks – nothing massive (probably 10 or 15). While I know it takes probably more like a hundred games and a 100% crew to fully understand a tank, time limits me to a smaller number and a 75% crew at start.

NB: This post was updated to reflect new tank names in the 8.2 update


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