WoT: Fool me twice, Medium Mk II

The most immediate aspect of the Medium Mk II is that, like its predecessor, it is not really a medium. Once again this is a tank destroyer in disguise. To be fair, I had some inkling of this even before I began to play it, so I did not have anything like the initial struggles I had with the Medium Mk I.

Why is this tank not a medium? Well, to begin with there is the armour. There is one other Tier II medium tank, the American T2 M2. The armour of the American vehicle is about 22mm all-around, compared to the Medium Mark II that has 8mm. That is, in fact, less armour than the British Tier II light tanks. That thin armour does come with 170 hp, which means one can take at least a few shots from most Tier II weaponry – but almost everything will penetrate.

Speedwise this tank starts off very slow. It feels just as immobile as its predecessor. The fully upgraded engine does allow some mobility. It will not be climbing hills quickly, but it does feel possible to sometimes actually reposition oneself.

Where this tank shines however is its upgraded gun. This will pretty much be able to penetrate anything it regularly comes across, has a high rate of fire, and generally causes alot of mayhem. Its accuracy is not the best, but this is not a fatal flaw as it just requires careful aiming.

I say this tank is more like playing a TD, and while that is true nevertheless this tank is not constructed as a TD. That means it has a large silhouette or, to put it plainer, it is a very large target. Once you are spotted the enemy will generally have little trouble hitting you, so you either move behind cover (if there is any available) or destroy the enemy before you yourself are destroyed.

Like many of the Tier II tanks I have only played a handful of games (five matches, four victories, and four enemy tanks killed), but it is enough. If I wanted to play a Tier II tank destroyer the T18 immediately springs to mind. This is the last of the Tier II tanks I am playing as part of my Tier II project (which has excluded the SPGs). Soon I will write a post on which of the tanks I will be retaining, and my overall thoughts of the project.


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