WoT (EU): Britan to the Front Special

The new special is presented as being themed around British tanks – the title says it all. In reality there are only a couple of tanks involved, but there are several other aspects of the special that should appeal to all. The special runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

To begin with there is a 50% discount and double credit earnings on two tanks, the Crusader and Churchill I. These are both Tier V British tanks. The Crusader is a light tank – but has an “ordinary” matchmaking rather than the matchmaking of the dedicated scout tanks. It is also the last of the British light tanks. The Churchill I is the first of the British heavy tanks and is not to be confused with the Russian Lend-Lease Churchill (which I abbreviate to Churchill LL). I do not have either of these tanks and will not be aiming for them. Still, I am sure this will be a much by those who have them or are about to get them. With the double credit earnings it should be possible to turn a tidy profit even if one purchases them for just this offer.

There is then a 20% discount on converting gold to credits. I am not actually sure who ever actually uses this mechanic – it seems a very inefficient way of making credits.

There is also a 50% discount on gold and credit costs for crew training and retraining – I am not sure if this just applies to training a crew in a new vehicle or if it also includes resetting skills. My gut feeling from the wording is it would not, but until I get in the game I am not entirely sure. I will make some use of this – now I have completed the Tier II project I have a number of Tier II tanks in my garage I am going to be selling and acquiring their Tier III brethren instead. That means quite a few crew reskillings – and since I do these at the credit reskillings I have some savings to make here.

Winning a Sniper battle honour will come with a 5000 credit bonus – which I think is rather nice but I find it a little off they do not keep the winnings the same as the Top Gun bonus. My guess is that since more Sniper medals are earned they have reduced the winnings, which I can understand on one level though it sits a little ill with me.

Finally there is going to be a triple experience bonus on the first victory of each vehicle per day. This is always a nice addition and one I shall try to take advantage of in a range of tanks.

Overall this is a good offer with one weakness: the lack of tanks involved. Only two tanks is very slim pickings indeed.


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